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  3. The difficulty in these game is ridic

User Info: loveless03

1 year ago#11
Once you do it on Brutal; Survivor is Easy!
IAmLordMeatwad posted...
I just watched a stealth run of that and the guy who kicks the door open can be stealthed!!! Its just really tight.
You can also shoot the fire extinguisher next to the door when he kicks it open and just run/walk by him, it's just like a smoke bomb.

I hated the death animations as well, too much for me.

User Info: IAmLordMeatwad

1 year ago#13
WHOA you can shoot the fire extinguisher? Dang.

And yeah I'm on PS3 I figured it'd be more active here. I don't think it's a big deal.

I wish you could shut the death animations off.
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User Info: TheHeroOfTime

7 months ago#14
I agree with the death animations thing, seeing a bloater rip Joel’s jaw out isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world but... it’s a fun game.
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User Info: Thirty3_1Third

7 months ago#15
The game had some tough parts as you mention for sure. I figured out a lot of them, but had to look up the Sewer area stealth due to limited resources/ammo. Watching some videos for parts after the fact is pretty ridiculous though.

I didn't see many death animations playing the main game because I would restart checkpoint every time - but in Factions? Oh jeez! The executions are....well, executions. Brutal.
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User Info: HeartBlade

5 months ago#16
Finished grounded+ recently but my first run was on survivor but I agree that the game is hard if you don’t understand the genre.

Although it’s billed as a shooting-horror game, it is much more a stealth-survivor game. Shooting should be a last resort with most encounters avoided or dispatched through stealth via choking or bow and arrow. There are also very few moments where you really do need to go in guns blazing (inside the school, first bloater fight, defense in Tommy’s camp, cabin with Ellie).

The firefly hospital section is much easier to do if you just stealth it. If you go by stealth, you can essentially beat the entire stage with one Molotov and one smoke bomb (actually even these 2 arnt necessary but I used the 2 items as it was a bit safer for me).

User Info: prostatic

5 months ago#17
I personally think the two main characters are deranged (I would go so far as to say evil - would-be rebels sticking it out alone, going up against armed forces and other bands of people trying to kill awful undead?), and I didn't care at all that the game clearly places obstacles in the player's way so I could get to watch their death animations because at the end of the day, I honestly didn't care or give a **** if they died (at least Tess and Henry and Sam died, and yet Bill/Tommy didn't), Joel's extra-sensory perception or no. I have other serious issues with the game I could get into, but I'll leave it at this. This remaster kept me occupied, but I'd still rather play Resident Evil for this sort of thing.
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User Info: FireDrakeZ

3 months ago#18
I just started the game for the first time this year on PSNow(PS3 version).

I decided to read a guide/walkthrough to get me through the harder parts of the game. Hopefully this will help me to beat the game easier.
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