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User Info: ZeroJinKui

1 year ago#1
i decided to try this game since i got it for free, and cause i wanted to see the story before watching a playthrough of the second game on youtube...

i kept hearing NOTHING but praise for this game, calling it a masterpiece... but the thing is, i heard much of the same kinda praise for other games i found many problems with...

red dead redemption 2, the souls games, uncharted...

now, i love uncharted, currently trying to get through the 4th game, if i can find the time... but the games DID have issues, and i could tell as they slowly introduced stealth, that stealth was not one of naughty dog's strengths.

last of us confirms that... it feels so inconsistent... i'm at the docks hunting down robert... and tess is just invisible to enemies, as far as i can tell.

as for me... well, it's a goddamn coin flip!

i've had enemies look my way and see NOTHING... and even coming up around them, practically meeting them face-to-face, no reaction at all.

other times, they seem to see me despite being a mile away with several objects obscuring their view.

i've had to restart this docks section multiple times trying to aim for a perfect stealth run, but... goddamn, IT. IS. IMPOSSIBLE.

the game is so inconsistent with everything that i just CAN'T figure out any one way to tackle things... no matter what i do, i get spotted.


how the hell am i supposed to handle this?

i love naughty dog, love their games... but they need to stay away from stealth.

and considering this game is HEAVILY focused on stealth... this is not good.

it's a glaring flaw in the game... i'm sure story-wise, it's amazing, and the gameplay is probably fun if you give up on stealth... but the fact that stealth is pretty much impossible in what seems to be a STEALTH GAME... that's not good.

i'm usually fine accepting the fact that i'm not the best at games... but these issues are not me messing up, it's the game being inconsistent, and not quite going the full mile with stealth.

if bodies can be detected, i should be able to move them out of the way and hide them... enemies shouldn't share some kinda link where they all know what the others see.

i mean, the guy who spotted the corpse whispered to himself... he didn't shout to everyone else, yet somehow everyone knew a corpse was discovered.

i should've been able to kill this guy and keep everyone unaware, but nope.

just makes me wonder how higher difficulties can be pulled off.
Mortal lives are a litany of despair and treachery, only wrath can see you through the darkest days.

User Info: Matt_256

1 year ago#2
What difficulty are you playing on to start? On Easy/Normal enemy awareness is way down. Harder difficulties they'll spot you much faster in peripheral vision.

Stick with it. You're still at the beginning and it really hasn't even started. The docks isn't really an exciting part of the game.

User Info: aip

6 months ago#3
Nothing you have said is a valid complaint, except for not being able to drag bodies. I agree with that, however, you can move an enemy to a discreet location before strangling him.

When one guy spots a body, it goes without saying that he is gonna shout out to his buddies that there's a body, even if you don't necessarily hear a voice line of this.

Companions can't be heard or seen by enemies. That would be ridiculous.

As for Joel, perhaps the difference is lighting. If youre in the shadows, an enemy might not see you until you're on top of him. If an enemy is a long distance away but you're standing in path of a floodlight, it makes sense he is gonna see you.

A word of advice: just play casually for your first few playthroughs of any game. Don't go for full stealth. Don't save scum. If you make a mistake roll with it.

The last of us is a hybrid, not just a stealth game.
The combat is good.

To conclude, I think you are the problem, not the game. No game is perfect. Last of us, red dead redemption 2, uncharted, they're all games that are 8 or 9/10.
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