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User Info: Gamerman89

3 months ago#1
Just wondering .Bought it today cause of hype

User Info: Quaddo1

3 months ago#2
That's a hard question to answer, since "a fun game" is very subjective. Though, for me it's a definite "yes".

First of all, compared to Naughty Dog's Uncharted series (which is generally very lighthearted) this is mostly the exact opposite in tone.

If you want a game with interesting characters, engaging story, excellent gameplay and atmosphere, etc. then TLOU might be for you. As long as the player doesn't rush through areas but stops and smells the roses, it's very rewarding. Plus the multiplayer is very good as well.

...but like I said, your mileage may vary.

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User Info: Aurora-Silver

1 month ago#3
To me its both Fun AND Frustration, at times...
If I screw up the stealth, well then I'm often screwed.

You will need a lot of patience to make your way and plan your attacks.
You have only less ressources, and there are different kind of enemies where you need a good strategy for. Clickers and Bloaters are ugly, and can kill you in one hit...

The Game has its Uncharted touches, the environments are beautiful, controls feel a bit laggy to me but well. The conversations have a nice script and if I put the frustration aside, its a very solid game, overall. I can recommend it!
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User Info: Venghar

4 weeks ago#4
Just started playing it a few days ago, had it free with ps plus few months ago,good game and I’ll finish it.
Gameplay is good and fun, but messes up sometimes, melee not hitting a few times(this could be on my part by not lining up perfectly) and the ai partner blocking my way(mostly minor inconvenience) or running into enemies instead of away and needing help, other than a few times it wasn’t a big deal.
Story, environments and characters are great.
haven't finished it yet, but imo it’s a must play if you like this style of games.

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