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User Info: highsummoner1

2 months ago#1
Played lots of multiplayer games in the PS3 days. Aside from Dark Souls, it's literally been about 4 years of opting out. First day back to MP on this game. Seemed like it'd be pretty fun game to have some matches with other players...until I realized our teammate was unloading his clips into the wall next to us to purposefully give away our position.

It was then I realized I stopped playing online for a reason- lack of community respect and honor.

Sigh... Sure I could spend time backing out and reloading, but it's healthier to avoid toxicity altogether. Best wishes to the many honorable gamers out there.
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User Info: SuperZay

2 months ago#2
There's one popular trophy guide that recommends to lose faster or quit alltogether to get the faction trophies faster.
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User Info: EzeDoesIt

2 months ago#3
Community was pretty good back when the original launched. I played that for countless hours and normally had good teammates focused on winning the match.
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User Info: tranquilizerrr

2 months ago#4
That's what happens when people get things for free.
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