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User Info: Wolfzkiba

5 years ago#51
Very helpful thanks TVontheRadio XSarcYX

User Info: TVontheRadio

5 years ago#52
Thanks. You also need to thank ReignOfDestiny for the new weapon tips, because you're probably not gonna get anything new from me anytime soon. OTHER GAMES HAVE TAKEN OVER MY LIFE.

To make up for it, I'll be posting a couple more brief but valuable video clips I see on the Factions subreddit for intermediate/advanced tips by a guy whose YouTube channel's called Color Bars.

In the first of the ongoing series, he talks about the importance of patience, understanding your enemy and team situation before engaging in combat through your radar, communication with a friend, and a neat tip on throwables.

In the second, he shows another example of assessing combat situations through the radar, a bait-and-switch trick with the radar, knowing the map layouts, reinforcing patience through baiting enemies with downed teammates, more teamwork through communication, and THE HOOK.

For the latest video, there's more PATIENCE talk, baiting enemies with their downed teammates, controlling chokepoints with throwables, safety reminders and not over-committing.

I've picked up all of these skills through a year and a half's worth of experience that it's second nature to me for the most part, but you can skip needing to play all that time by just watching these videos!
all you need
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User Info: onewingedseph

4 years ago#54
xdifferentx posted...
What's the best starting class for a beginner? I can't really make my own since I don't have anything unlocked.

Did you bother to read this thread? On page 2 there are several loadout tipps, also one or two for beginners.
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User Info: KishinZephrite

4 years ago#56
The loadout you need as a fresh noob imo is:

Semi-auto Rifle, Shorty/Revolver, First Aid Training 1, Marathon Runner 1, Reviver 1, and Crafter 1.

This loadout allows you to be where you want to be without being slow when performing fundamental actions. Save your extra sprint endurance for bailing from unwinnable fights and don't run constantly around teammates. When you earn a couple more loadout points, you will know by then what kind of player you are and you will mix and match weapons and perks that are more practical to your playstyle.
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User Info: lacritax

4 years ago#57
xdifferentx posted...
The thread is kinda long... Most of the loadouts suggested don't really help because I don't have much unlocked.

The preset loadout with the tactical shotgun and crossbow is good enough to compensate the lack of cover training 2. I use it from times to times even when i have all unlocked, to do the tactical shotgun missions or the ballesta.

But like a i said in other post, just don't use any COD tactic here, use hit and run tactics if you don't have silenced weapons and be aware of your team position. Another one advice, is DON'T engage in a fight injured, get heal first.
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