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User Info: swiftydragon

5 years ago#41
Hey man thanks for the shoutout dude! This game is awesome, people just need to take the time to learn the game :)

Also here is my URL: https://www.youtube.com/user/swiftydragon

lol :)

User Info: Mario2slow

5 years ago#42
If your good with the revolver you must try this combination of load outs in SR

1st load out

Damage marker 2

Max executioner 3 I believe

Collector 2

This load out is focused on getting as much parts as possible.

2nd load out

Damage marker 1

Hawk eye 2

Sharpshooter 3

Assault rifle

About halfway through the match or 2k worth of parts switch to 2nd load out and buy an AR and as much ammo as possible. Im usually able to get 30 rounds with 2k. I hardly buy armor until sudden death and mainly rely on sharpshooter 3 to mow down late game players with armor and maintain my health.

I've been doing well with this roaming around 4500 to 6500 parts

User Info: TVontheRadio

5 years ago#43
New gun is out so might as well put in the number of shots it takes to down with it.

Variable Rifle - 4 body shots/2 headshots/1 headshot 2 body shots

User Info: ReignOfDestiny

5 years ago#44
Remember kids, just because you see a Molotov in your enemies' hand does not mean all is lost. If you have a spread or multi-fire weapon you can try shooting the molotov as soon as it leaves the enemies' grip! Not only does it shut it down and make it ineffective , if you are quick enough you may cause the enemy to get roasted instead! Me and my Shorty have had tons of fun intercepting Molotov's thrown at myself and at teammates.

This works on Bombs as well but they tend to be easier to dodge and less risk than trying to intercept.

If you are a crackshot you don't need to use a spread/multi-fire weapon..but then you should be targeting heads anyway, and should disregard this tip.
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User Info: pPpPancakes

5 years ago#45
This thread is amazing. Great and interesting tips for a level 100 player here.

I would love to add, but it seems that everything's been covered. I'll try anyway.

If someone throws a smoke bomb near you, chances are once you get hit by it, he'll take the opportunity to shiv you while you remain stunned. If you believe that's exactly what the opposing player tries to do, I'd recommend you to quickly plant a bomb to the ground so that when he reaches up to you and executes you, he will get hit by your bomb and you'll at least get some points for doing so.

Alternatively, you can try predicting his running pattern and try to throw your own smoke bomb. Once he reaches near you, your smoke bomb might explode and stun the enemy, saving yourself from a potential shiv. If you have that perk that allows you to be invulnerable to your smoke bomb, you can shiv him back. I haven't tried that though because I don't own that perk, but it's supposedly a good idea.
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User Info: XplayMatt

5 years ago#46
Can you get all these Reclaimed and Abandoned trophies with 2 people total? Myself and partner or do you need a big group to get all of the trophies?
You can do them solo.

User Info: TVontheRadio

5 years ago#48
New weapons are out so this needs a little updating!

Here's a great video by SyncingShip explaining the basic mechanics of each new weapon:

For your convenience, dear reader, here's the shots-to-down list for every weapon:

Frontier Rifle - 2 shots
Tactical Shotgun - 2 shots mid-range (damage decreases over longer distances, and there's NO HEADSHOT MULTIPLIER)
Burst Pistol - 5 body shots/3 headshots/3 body shots and 1 headshot/2 headshots and 1 body shot
Crossbow - 2 body shots/1 headshot (causes damage-over-time with bleeding effect, and automatically marks target upon impact)

I haven't actually bought the DLC yet, but I will soon enough. I'll see how these weapons and the new skills play out, and I'll come back within a month of playing or so to include new tips.
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User Info: ReignOfDestiny

5 years ago#49
The Frontier Rifle is generally accepted as the weakest of the new DLC weapons but it should be feared for what it is, an awesome back up support weapon/tandem weapon . A whole team of frontier rifles working in teams of two can wreck a party in seconds by targeting the same enemy via marks the same way hunting rifle teams do but with more mobility and no need for quick scope. The Hunting/Frontier pairs are equally deadly.

Another draw of the Frontier rifle is it's compatibility with the long range purchaseables. Fire off a round from the long-range purchaseable then quick swap to the frontier for a two shot long range down or vice versa in firing order. Granted this is just to save bullets on the Military and Diablo as they don't need much help. Where it really shines is with the Crossbow and Launcher. Replacing the Hunting Rifle as my long range follow-up for my Launcher build the Frontier Rifle has performed admirably.

But as I said it is a tandem weapon to be used in combo with other weapons. Don't plan on winning straight up firefights with it as it is too slow even when fully upgraded but it does work well then if you iniate the firefight, as long as you don't miss, you should be ready to fire the second shot before the enemy can fire off their first with any weapon.

Tactical Shotgun This thing is okay at first being a decent mid range shorty using fire and cover tactics to finish off aggressors..but when this thing is fully upgraded it becomes a monster, plain and simple, even at semi-long range. Boom,click, boom. However, if costs 3 loadout points, so for that price you better be a person who fires from behind cover a lot, because in a straight up firefight out in the open the Semi/Burst/Fulls will still absolutely wreck you even if they are unupgraded. But if you catch the enemy from the side or back with this thing then its usually too late for them. This thing is surprisingly awesome when silenced due to its range and two-shot down spreadiness flanking advantage. ..but that costs 5 loadout points. Yikes.

The Burst Pistol is a great alternative to the Shorty. Being a close range burst rifle basically with just a tad less in the power department..but it's only 1 load out point so now you can basically have a large firearm and the burst rifle! ...Sorta. However, unlike the Shorty it is capable of downing in one trigger pull if the aim is right. The Burst Pistol also has a tad-bit more range and a higher clip than the Shorty. I really can't choose between the two though as the Shorty does work better for those doing fast movement shoot,dodge,shoot without having to aim it as much and without having to deal with the second-longer recoil but also with the notorious lag spread that doesn't down enemies in two pulls, where the Burst will.
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User Info: ReignOfDestiny

5 years ago#50
The Crossbow Oh man... I..don't.. ugh.. It's such a love/hate relationship weapon. It's wonderful and easy to use...but the same goes to your opponent. The ammo is cheap in comparison to others of the two shot down variety, It has an alternating scope making it useful at every range, It's a little slow but the disorientation the bleed out effect causes is usually enough to make up for that. If you want to save bullets you can quick swap to another weapon to down someone but it's not that necessary. It is also a great support weapon for your team as well. Because it will disorient the player hit buy it giving the teammate an easy kill or a change to get away when they panic from the bleed-out. If you just saw an enemy use a health kit, and haven't hit them with the crossbow yet, wait until they finish then hit them with the bolt. It is so annoying. Paired with the hunting rifle this causes nightmares in the dreams of children not even born yet. The enemy is hit with the bolt and hides to use a health kit. The mark on them let's the player know where they are...since the bolt doesn't let you heal to full health you are at 70...a Hunting Rifle body shot downs you as soon as you come from behind cover. You cry helplessly. The user using the paired weapons basically forces you to get behind cover everytime and to go a different route, ruining any momentum with just one bolt. Madness.

And because of the toggle scope it fits almost all one on one scenarios. Up close? Bolt-quickswap-Shorty/Burst or Bolt-Stick. Medium? Bolt-Quickswap-Anything or another bolt while dodging. Long? Mentioned above or double bolt. Also bolt then toss a smoke in their panicked run and you'll probably catch them. Or smoke them then bolt them and the bleed will almost have them halfway gone by the time the animation stunlock ends and you may just need 1-2 shots from a 9mm. Got a Bomb? Do the same as smokes and watch the splash bleed combo shuffle them out the realm....oh.. And it's Silent

It's pretty much changed the game because I run FAT1-2 or Brawler class everytime I see it appear.

Anti-Crossbow tips. A brawler hit/sharpshooter headshot or magic touch from a medic will instantly stop the bleeding I've been told. I haven't been able to test it yet. My other method is to just learn to counter act the meta effects. If you run into a user head on and he hits you,don't panic and continue the firefight like normal and you should still be able to down the enemy before they can get off the swap or second bolt. You might go down with them, but that's better than your odds of getting away. And a reviver or medic could be nearby anyway if you succeed. If you got close enough for brawler then punch that fool once or twice and then blast him.

You can also do my personal favorite of just suicide Molly/Bomb the scumbag down with you at close range. SHOW EM YOU AIN'T SKURRED!
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(edited 5 years ago)
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