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User Info: dyssonance

5 years ago#31
If you are a skilled player in terms of gunplay, situational awareness, know the spawns etc. this is hands down the best offensive loadout in the game:

Burst Rifle

Scavenger 2
Sharpshooter 3
Reviver 1 / EE 1

Substitute for Covert 2 against good teams.
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User Info: ReignOfDestiny

5 years ago#32
One of my favorite tricks to take enemies by surprise is my Hawk-Eye Assassin. You tag the enemies and then throw smoke or vice versa over some distance. If they are stunned you know exactly where they are and can shoot them without rushing for the shiv, especially if you have a rifle for easy headshots. This is especially helpful against multiple enemies because they expect the shiv and aim at their teammate to kill you in retaliation instead you can possibly take both of them down with headshots. You can also use the smoke just as a screen, throw the smoke and tag em before it explodes, most enemies expect a rush and will pull out of cover for a better firing angle. This will let you shoot through the smoke and down them without any risk to yourself or teammates (unless the enemy also has Hawk-Eye)
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User Info: terryfu

5 years ago#33
Have bookmarked this topic. Great job all.

I love TLOU mp and am now playing regularly again on Ps4. Didn't had those new skills when I completed the journeys at that.time (or the melee nerfs). Executioner and scavenger are.great!

One of my teams I used to play with would.have a sniper who would get to a vantage point.and mark and call out enemies. Great on maps like lakeside and checkpoint. He or she would have bombs strategically placed around.since he'd be alone most of the time.

User Info: TVontheRadio

5 years ago#34
I haven't personally tried the loadout dyssonance posted, but I've played with him a lot in the PS3 version, and I can vouch for his skills. Try out his suggestion, and give him some feedback here or through a private message. He doesn't bite!

I've always wanted to try the tactic Reign posted, but I've never really gotten around to doing it. It's strategically sound, and it plays with the expectations of players, so it's definitely worth checking out.

And I'm glad you found this topic helpful, terryfu. Good job on your sniper walling himself/herself off with nail bombs. It's easy to catch would-be shivvers off guard who are trying to take out a lone sniper with strategically placed cans of shrapnel and death.
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User Info: TVontheRadio

5 years ago#35
Anyway, here's some beginner tips for Interrogation, that maybe some vets may have overlooked themselves. It's actually my favorite mode of all three because of the heightened importance of teamwork, and the back and forth dynamics with how momentum swings. Best fun I've had in Factions is playing Interrogations with a full team of mic'ed up guys pulling off below five minute clean sweeps and making hail mary comebacks that come down to the last second.

Interrogation Tips
You can employ a number of different strategies for this mode, as this is the only one where killing the enemy team isn't the top priority. Generally speaking though, you'll want to stick together in the first half where you're getting interrogations. If you down an enemy before the interrogation animation finishes, it doesn't count, so having teammates nearby can prevent interrogations. Obviously not the case when you're by yourself.

Same thing applies for when you've downed an enemy, but you don't have backup. Trying to go for the interrogation right away when there are other enemies nearby will only lead to you being interrogated instead.

For the second phase of Interrogation, it's imperative that you have at the very least one person defending your box once it's found. Find a hiding spot that has a good view of the box and/or any potential entry points to the room where the box is located. Unless you're dealing with multiple aggressive assailants, it's better to let the sneaky bastard get to the safe first and start unlocking instead of firing on sight. Remember that enemies are completely vulnerable when in that unlocking animation. Perfect opportunity to go for headshots, or if you're near enough, for a shiv.

Being patient can also reveal another enemy sneaking towards your box. A molotov can instantly kill both oblivious attackers, saving you the hassle of trying to take on two at once.

You should also be planting nail bombs in the perimeter as well as right next to the box when you can. Even if these don't catch the enemy, they hinder their movement and waste their time since they will either have to go take another route to avoid setting it off, or they'll have to shoot it, alerting you of their presence.

Try not to place your nail bombs too close to each other. You don't want your entire line of defense going off at the same time just after one gets shot. It's a waste of supplies. Double nail bombing (planting two right at the same spot for an instant kill) isn't as necessary since you're not permanently removing lives. The downed meter for teams in the second phase of Interrogation drains almost twice as fast as the normal rate, so the chances of enemies getting revived isn't as high if you're not there to clean them up, making it okay to leave crawling enemies.

If you do have a downed attacker in your "base", you can choose to confirm the kill or wait for the enemy to bleed out. Most of the time, it's better to just let them bleed out so it takes longer for them to get back into action, whether it's for defending their safe or assaulting yours.There are occasions though where you want to execute, especially if you don't want these crawling enemies to activate the rest of the bombs you've carefully placed so they have an easier time next go around.

It's also good to switch up your hiding spot after killing an invader. Don't let the enemy catch on. Keep them guessing where they'll be getting shot at, and let them waste time looking for you first before they expose their backs by going straight for the safe.

Only exception is when the one position you're in is up against a wall with very obvious entry points and a good height advantage, making it hard for the enemy to get rid of you.

User Info: TVontheRadio

5 years ago#36
For those on the offensive:

It's certainly doable to unlock the enemy lockbox by yourself, but more often than not, you're probably getting shivved two seconds into the unlocking animation against a good team.

You're chances of successfully unlocking the box are higher the more people you have with you, and it's not uncommon to see three players attacking a base. Obviously, it's much easier to take out a lone defender with two teammates.

As much as possible, do not stick together, and enter the enemy "base" through different points. You have to expect nail bombs near doorways, windows, behind corners, everywhere. Mark them as soon as you see them. Your player does not call out the mark so don't worry about the enemy hearing you.

Not everybody has to go to the safe. Just have one person do that, and let the others cover or look for any defenders hiding.

If you get downed, crawl towards the closest nail bomb. It's not assured that you won't see another one at the same spot later, but at the very least you cost the enemy some supplies and time going to a supply box to replace the lost bomb.

When you down a defender, don't execute. The longer they're alive while bleeding out, the longer till they get back to stopping you from opening their box.

A great strategy for when you manage to take control of the box's location is to plant your own nail bombs where the enemy planted theirs. Enemies don't usually check their own base for nail bombs, and you can easily explode those who rush in to try to stop you.

It can also be easy to time smoke bombs when you're in that position. You'll be seeing the red dots making a bee line towards you and your teammates, so you can chuck a smoke bomb near the entrances a second before the enemy gets close. Easy shivs there, and you buy your unlocker some precious time.

If you're the one doing the unlocking, remember that you don't have to get it all unlocked in one go. Your progress is saved when you reach one of the bars in the unlock meter. You can get it to the first "tier", and if you see red dots on your radar closing in, just get out of there and hide. You can ambush the enemy instead, and if you're successful, you can go back to unlocking.

One tactic that veterans on the losing side use when they haven't completed their interrogation requirements is to just camp near the lockbox. It's so much easier to get interrogations when the enemy comes to you. You can have your entire team do that when you're down 0-5 in that first phase.

Just be wary of the same tactic being done to you and your team, hence the reminder that you can cancel out of the unlocking animation.

User Info: TVontheRadio

5 years ago#37
Another useful reminder considering the two phases in Interrogation: you can switch loadouts.

That applies to any game mode, but it's all the more valuable in Interrogation. You can use one loadout for the initial phase to get interrogations, and then you can switch to another that's more suited for what role you'll be playing in the latter phase.

One way I play it is to have a shiv-centric stealth loadout in the beginning, then switch to a still stealthy but more firepower oriented loadout when the enemy's lockbox is located. It's up to you what weapons and skills you'll want to use for either phase, but the one skill that I highly recommend for Interrogations is Strategist 3.

Being able to see enemies hiding behind corners or those on another level as you is useful for when you're scoping out the enemy base. You'll see them on the radar as a red dot, so no level of Covert Training can save them.

What's even more helpful are the faster respawn time perk and the ability to spawn next to a teammate. Both can be game-changers whether you're on offense or defense. You give yourself more leeway for when you or your teammates f*** up defending your safe when you can get back in action quicker.

The faster respawn isn't as valuable for offense on its own, because you'll always spawn to your safe's location. That isn't the case for Strategist 3. There are plenty of times when you and a teammate storm the enemy safe, you two manage to clear out the area, but you get killed in the process. It's not a problem at all if you have that skill, since you can just respawn next to your lone teammate to provide him cover in half the time it takes for the enemy defenders to respawn.

Since the skill doesn't allow you to spawn next to a teammate that's close to an enemy, it's not perfect. However, you might as well use this knowledge by relaying the information to a teammate that there's an enemy nearby if you have a mic. You can also direct a teammate who's near the enemy lockbox to create some distance so you can spawn on him/her. It's better than having to spawn all the way back to your own safe. This allows you to keep the pressure on the enemy's defenses. A whole team with Strategist 3 can easily overwhelm another that's unprepared to take on an almost endless coordinated assault.
XSarcYX posted...
Marking enemies is LOUD. It's useful, but it can be heard by you, your teammates, and the enemy team. Try to avoid marking an enemy if you plan to shank him in the neck. He might just turn around and shoot your face off.

TVontheRadio posted...
You have to expect nail bombs near doorways, windows, behind corners, everywhere. Mark them as soon as you see them. Your player does not call out the mark so don't worry about the enemy hearing you.

Just started playing this the other day and just wanted to clarify this. Marking enemies makes noise, but marking bombs does not?
(edited 5 years ago)

User Info: TVontheRadio

5 years ago#39

Marking enemies will have your player character shout to your teammates, and the one who was marked will hear it, no matter how far away you are when you marked your target.

Marking bombs does not make a sound, but just like any marks you make on enemies, it will disappear after a while, but for much longer than the normal enemy mark.
Good to know. Thanks for the thread also.
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