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User Info: 3headed

5 years ago#11
yeah let's get this stickied

User Info: TVontheRadio

5 years ago#12
Thanks for the support, peeps. Some great tips from SarcY, too. Listen to that person.

I'll be back later for a number of recommended loadouts for different play styles, and whatever the hell comes to mind.

User Info: captpluto99

5 years ago#13
One thing I've always been curious about is shiv killing speed. Do you have to run up and shiv from behind to do that fast stab-in-the-neck one? There are the throat-slitting versions that take too long that leave you vulnerable to someone else doing it to you. It becomes a humorous sight, a chain of throat slits.

User Info: Obie79

5 years ago#14
awesome info

User Info: notamonkey

5 years ago#15
captpluto99 posted...
One thing I've always been curious about is shiv killing speed. Do you have to run up and shiv from behind to do that fast stab-in-the-neck one? There are the throat-slitting versions that take too long that leave you vulnerable to someone else doing it to you. It becomes a humorous sight, a chain of throat slits.

The throat slitting is while you are interrogating them. It is longer to leave you more vulnerable as it is part of the game mode. The stab in the neck is just the regular shiv. Nothing special about it.
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User Info: FPS_hitman

5 years ago#16
TIP your missing:

Shoot armored people in the legs takes the same shots as anywhere else and no protection.

User Info: TVontheRadio

5 years ago#17
Whoa. Thanks for getting this stickied! I'll make sure to update this constantly.

As promised, here are some loadouts I've personally found great success with.

Battle Medic

This loadout is 70% keeping your team alive, 30% destroying anyone who tries to get up close. Reviver 3 picks up downed teammates incredibly fast, and FAT 3 keeps a teammate standing up even when getting shot at while you're in cover constantly healing him/her.

Having the parts to buy a Shotgun won't take too long if you're doing your job. Don't even be surprised to see that you have the most downs on your team once you start rolling with the boom tube. You can hold your own with the Revolver in the first half of the match as well.

I'd just like to make it clear though that this loadout is more for beginners to help them get a feel for the flow of the game and contribute to the team in a meaningful way, both in support and offense. If you consider yourself a highly-skilled player, you don't weild the Shotgun and brag about it. I used this loadout on my first two 12 week playthroughs, but soon found myself bored with it when I was steamrolling people with the Shotgun. Try other weapons to get better.

Beginner's Luck

If you want to engage in combat but you still suck at shooting, this is quite possibly the "cheapest" loadout you can have. All these weapons take the least competency to use, and the skills allow you to move about with safety. CT2 lets you sneak up on people and get away quietly, while Brawler 2 gives you more insurance with 10 health back and the two extra modded 2x4 hits for instant downs.

This is another loadout that's purely for newbies, or for try-hards who need all the help they can get to do well.


The point of this loadout is to sneak up close to the enemies to drop them with the Shorty, and CT2 allows that. Since that approach is high-risk, high-reward, you have FAT 1 so you can heal yourself as fast as possible to get out of sticky situations.

The real magic comes in using the Shorty with the Machete. Considering the loadout points, the parts required to buy it, and the very limited number of hits the Machete has, it's easy to overlook. You just need to know that the Shorty does 60 damage per hit in its optimal range, and one Machete swing does 40 damage. Simple addition means taking one shot with the Shorty and immediately pressing square equals a near instant down. There's barely any lead up to the Machete swing so it's virtually impossible to react to it, and since this playstyle is all about getting the jump on enemies, it's easy to get a lot of downs when you're playing it right.

Brawler 2 is there so you get more hits once you modify the Machete. It also works as a life-saver before you get the Machete, as more often than not you're always in melee range.

Hunting Launcher

Like the Shorty-chete combo, this loadout takes advantage of the power of a firearm and a purchasable. The Hunting Rifle and Launcher both just need two hits to down. The goal then is to hit the enemy once with the HR, and if he/she takes cover (which is 99% happening if you don't down him/her), fire the Launcher to get around the cover. Explosion Expert 2 makes sure you hit the target, as that increases the blast radius of the grenade. A follow-up nail bomb to the grenade also works wonders.

Hawk-eyed 2 helps since you can mark as you shoot the HR, so you know exactly when and where the target is to hit with the Launcher. Awareness 1 just supplements the playstyle so you can take revenge on enemies who hit you.

User Info: TVontheRadio

5 years ago#18
Burst Crazy

The Burst Rifle is a weapon that's hard to use, but when you master it and it's fully upgraded, you fear no one (except long-range snipers). It's the only other gun besides the Military Sniper that can instantly execute with just one pull of the trigger. Remember that it only takes two headshots to down with it, and the BR shoots three bullets in one shot. If you can aim and control the recoil, the first two bullets down the enemy, and the last one executes before the target even hits the ground.

Even if you don't make headshots, having all three bullets hit the enemy stunlocks them, and the damage wobble is enough to throw off precision weapons like the HR, the MS, and the Bow. When fully upgraded, the gun's rate of fire is almost level with the Assault Rifle's that you can still down enemies quickly even just aiming for the body.

Playing with the BR usually demands that you get in the frontlines, and that's why you have Sharpshooter 3 and Brawler 2.

Disregard the scope sway reduction in SS, as that only applies to the Hunting Rifle, El Diablo and Military Sniper (although we'll soon see scoped versions of the other large firearms). What's important are the damage wobble reduction and the 25 health back for every headshot. With a steady aim, you don't have to worry too much about taking damage because you'll be replenishing health every time you shoot, and your reticle won't be jumping around even when you're hit.

Brawler 2 and Explosion Expert 2 are there to make you even more confident about pushing up, as you don't have to worry about melee engagements, and you can complement your assault with bigger splashing nail bombs, smoke bombs and molotovs.

This loadout requires a lot of skill, so don't expect to stomp fools right out the bat. You have to learn how to control the recoil to get consistent headshots, and that takes time.

Full-Auto Madness

This follows the aggressive playstyle of the previous loadout, but the much slower rate of fire demands some tweaks. Like the BR, the FAR's recoil is hard to control. Since you'll be in the middle of fights, you don't need the damage wobble screwing your aim some more. SS3 relieves that issue, and you can get health back as well. FAT 1 also plays the same role.

The FAR's clip can easily be drained, and that's where Scavenger 2 kicks in. Since you're always in combat, you need a steady supply of ammo. Scavenger makes sure you're always stocked without wasting time actively picking up dropped bullets.

And just like the BR, the FAR has a great stunlock and damage wobble effect on enemies, so firing first usually means the shootout ends in your favor, and runners won't get too far before hitting the ground.

User Info: TVontheRadio

5 years ago#19
Pure Stealth

This is a pretty straightforward loadout as the name implies. Your only goal is to jam shivs down enemies' throats. CT3 and Agility 2 make you the perfect sneaking machine, moving swiftly and silently throughout the match. Executioner 3 not only gets you a lot of parts stealth-killing enemies, but keeps your shiv supply always in the green.

A clear knowledge of map layouts, a keen sense of player behavior, a lot of patience, and two big balls are all required to be successful with this loadout. You will be lone-wolfing it in most cases, so you better know exactly when to strike and when to retreat. I default to the Revolver because I simply do better with it, but those who prefer the 9mm can do so. If you're playing it right, you don't even have to fire a single shot. Use the parts you accumulate with the shiv kills to constantly have armor on for emergency situations.

Another variation of this loadout is to bump down Executioner to level 1, and then throw in Sharp Ears 3. The improved Listen Mode lets you sneak around in a safer manner, but the drawback is you have to make supply box runs more often to replenish your shivs.

Smoke Ninja

I have to admit that this loadout can be pretty cheap. The combination of Explosion Expert 2, Bomb Expert 3, and Executioner 1 lets you get so many shivs a match, if the opposing team does not catch on.

When you see an enemy nearby that's facing you, just chuck a smoke bomb near the sorry victim, sprint, and shiv. No need to wait for the smoke bomb to go off. This is also great in a pinch when an enemy has the upper hand in close quarters combat. No need to aim. Just throw the smoke bomb at your feet. The enemy will get caught up in the HUGE radius because of EE2, and you can safely shiv him/her.

Executioner 1 ensures you get a lot of parts just shivving people for armor and for upgrading your emergency sidearm.

This can easily be countered by a team that works together. A perceptive enemy teammate can also throw a smoke bomb on the ground when you've thrown yours. By the time you rush in for the shiv, the enemy smoke bomb will have exploded, stunning you just before you can make the kill. Worst case scenario for them is that you do get the one shiv, but you end up trading lives as you'll probably get shived yourself right after, if not gunned down immediately once the nearby stun effect wears off.

If you're quick on your feet and you have more than one smoke bomb, what you can do is lob one to the enemy, sprint towards them, and then throw another smoke on the ground when you see the stun animation almost done. That way you can shiv two people. Shiv the one in front of you, second smoke goes off, another enemy is caught in the blast, then make your way and shiv again. With three smokes and three enemies, you can try and pull off the hat trick.

This works most efficiently though if you stick with your squad. All you need is one smoke, and everybody can rush in to shiv the enemy squad.

Surprise BBQ

If you just wanna have fun roasting enemies, try this Flamethrower-centric loadout. Since the time it takes to cook with the FT is slow, you need to ambush players to use the FT effectively. CT2 lets you hide and Strategist 2 lets you know if someone's coming or hiding nearby. With the element of surprise in your favor, you can get the jump on your target/s, and they'll more than likely panic from the fire.

Brawler 2 works like it does for the other loadouts - as an insurance policy.

This is more of a backup role to help clean out crowds. Using downed enemies as bait also works wonders.

User Info: noob_gamerguy

5 years ago#20
Hold Triangle to pick up everything at once, except wooden sticks requires a second press of triangle to pick up separately.
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