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Another general tip but for downed players:

As a downed player with no hope of getting revived, you can still help your team in not-so-insignificant ways.

In tight spaces or doorways, you can block advancing enemies by putting yourself in the right position. Having to get executed whether it's by getting kicked, shot, boarded, or special executed, you can buy retreating teammates precious seconds to get away, set up enemies for surprise shivs, or prevent enemies from getting to their downed teammates in time.

Your downed body can also prevent smokebombed teammates from being shanked by rushing enemies. Smoke shivvers usually mash triangle when they get close to a stunned target. TLOU's button mapping just so happens to have FIVE separate actions for that one button, shivving and special executing being two of them. Instead of losing two lives, you just lose yours, and give your teammate a great opportunity to avenge your death with the enemy stuck in the special execution animation.

With that in mind, you also have to remember that you can be an obstacle to your teammates when downed. Instead of getting the shiv on an unsuspecting enemy, they might accidentally start reviving you if you're too close.

You don't want to act as bait for your teammates to get roasted by a molotov or get shivved. Mic users can easily solve that problem by just announcing that the enemy that downed them is just hiding nearby. For those that don't use mics, there's not much you can do. You have to rely on your teammates' own situational awareness.

When you've been downed by a group of enemies, and you only have one teammate nearby who's hiding, it's best not to blow that teammate's cover by crawling up to him. Chances are you'll just get the both of you killed.

What you can do instead is crawl back and forth in an erratic manner. I've personally witnessed myself how some players waste ammo and, most especially, time trying to execute me with their guns and missing. Again, it might sound insignificant, but I've had teammates actually get the opportunity to sneak up to frustrated enemies, get the shiv, and even revive me.

Since it's been brought up, let's quickly go through some best practices for when to revive.

Always scan the nearby area for any hiding enemies potentially using your teammate as bait.

Communicate if possible to your downed teammate to crawl to cover first.

The risk of getting molotov'd is always higher than the reward of getting one person up by helping another teammate trying to revive. Just let the one person do the reviving.

This might sound counter-intuitive, but I suggest executing first before reviving downed teammates as a general rule. You don't know if enemy backup is just around the corner to pop you before you finish reviving. Instead of saving one life, you end up losing two while the enemy loses zero. If you're damaged and have the time, heal up as well before going for the revive. That way you still have the opportunity to bail in case you get caught off guard when reviving.

It's all the more obvious when you do know the downed enemy's teammates are getting close. Don't give them the chance to kill two of you and save their teammate.

Only revive first and execute second if you are 100% sure that the coast is clear like seeing 3 or 4 enemy player icons crossed out in Supply Raid/Survivors.

I just want to make it clear though that by executing I mean shooting or meleeing, NOT special executing.

All of this advice can be disregarded IF AND ONLY IF YOU HAVE REVIVER 3. I guess you could make the case for rushing revives if you have Reviver 1 and 2, but it's just so much safer if you have Reviver 3 instead.