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User Info: TVontheRadio

5 years ago#1
Factions is great. If you want to get a detailed explanation as to why, check out my review: http://kambyero.com/2013/09/26/why-im-still-playing-the-last-of-us-multiplayer/

Without further ado, here are the useful resources:

Channel of noted TLOU YouTuber Sancho West filled with tips, highlight reels and features of user-made gameplay variations:

Must watch videos are as follows:
General gameplay tips for Supply Raid, although most of the tips are Factions' best practices:

Stealth tips for Supply Raid, but the advice can also be applied to general play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GptFAVi7gFI

Not by Sancho West, but here's a useful video series about situational awareness by another respected veteran Swiftydragon:

Check out his channel as well by clicking on his username on YouTube (ugly URL is ugly).

Mission Schedule
Here's the schedule for when the events pop up, and the max percentage of gains/losses based on your clan size for each event:
Week 1, Day 6 +10%
Week 2, Day 4 +10%
Week 3, Day 2 -60%
Week 3, Day 7 +10%
Week 4, Day 5 +10%
Week 5, Day 3 -60%
Week 6, Day 1 -100%
Week 6, Day 6 +10%
Week 7, Day 4 +10%
Week 8, Day 2 -100%
Week 8, Day 7 +10%
Week 9, Day 5 +10%
Week 10, Day 3 -100%
Week 11, Day 1 +10%
Week 11, Day 6 -100%
Week 12, Day 4 -100%

Each event lasts 3 days (3 matches). Save the easy missions (marks/gifts/heals) for the -100% events. The requirements get higher after you pick them.

Loadout Calculator
You don't have to boot up the game to formulate a new loadout that you can also share:
Created by http://www.reddit.com/user/kojain

Overhead View of Maps
Knowing the map layouts are critical to success. These include locations for the supply boxes (for Supply Raid and Interrogation) and the health kits.
For the 7 original maps: http://imgur.com/a/kzqWG/all
For the 8 DLC maps: http://imgur.com/a/jk8ZO

Weapon Damage
Knowing how many shots it takes to down an enemy with each weapon is crucial in combat.

Small Firearms
9mm - 5 body shots/2 headshots/2 body shots and 1 headshot
Revolver - 3 body shots/2 headshots/1 body shot and 1 headshot
Shorty - 2 shots in close range
Enforcer - 4 body shots/2 headshots/2 body shots and 1 headshot

Large Firearms
Semi-Auto - 3 body shots/2 headshots/1 body shot and 1 headshot
Burst Rifle - 5 body shots/2 headshots/2 body shots and 1 headshot
Full-Auto - 5 body shots/2 headshots/2 body shots and 1 headshot
Hunting Rifle - 2 body shots/1 headshot
Bow - 2 body shots/1 headshot

Double Barrel - 2 shots in close range
El Diablo - 2 body shots/1 headshot
Assault Rifle - 5 body shots/2 headshots/2 body shots and 1 headshot
Shotgun - 1 shot in close range/2 mid-range
Military Sniper - 2 body shots/1 headshot to instantly execute
Machete - 3 hits
Specter - 6 body shots/2 headshots/3 body shots and 1 headshot
Launcher - 2 hits

Other melee
2x4 - 2 hits
Modded 2x4 - 1 hit
Fists - 4 hits

For more tips, friendly players to party up with, clans and tournaments to join, and just a straight up cool community to hang out in, go to:

I'll follow this up with more in-depth info. Feel free to list down other resources and tips.

User Info: HaVeNII7

5 years ago#2
Tag, and sticky requested. Good stuff.
PSN/Steam: HaVeNII7

User Info: dan0956

5 years ago#3
Semi-Auto - 3 body shots/2 headshots/1 body shot and 1 headshot

explain? does this mean its 1 body shot and 1 head shot if you have attachment or if you upgrade mid game?

User Info: hikari198

5 years ago#4
dan0956 posted...
Semi-Auto - 3 body shots/2 headshots/1 body shot and 1 headshot

explain? does this mean its 1 body shot and 1 head shot if you have attachment or if you upgrade mid game?

It means if you get a headshot or body shot, the next shot that differs from the first will kill the target.

Body to a headshot or headshot to a body shot.
Battlefield 4 stats http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/phys1calk1ller/stats/174731922/ps4/

User Info: dan0956

5 years ago#5
thanks for that, makes sense, so can 2 shot kill if you mix it up

User Info: TVontheRadio

5 years ago#6
Guy explained it.

There is nothing in the multiplayer that will make your weapons do more damage. The upgrades you buy are just for improving other factors like reload speed, clip size, rate of fire, etc. Of course, those upgrades are very much worth it.

To get into a little more detail regarding the missions:

The meta game of Factions has you gathering supplies in matches to support your clan so you can last 12 in-game weeks. Each match you get into counts as a day. Throughout these 12 weeks, you will be faced with events and missions for you to accomplish with the opportunity to either grow your clan or keep the number of population loss down. The labels "dysentery outbreak" or "Firefly/Hunter/Marauder attack" are just flavor. What you need to pay attention to are whether or not you can gain clan members or lose them, and what missions you can do.

Knowing what missions to pick and when the events will happen can help you survive your first playthrough, but they're more important for unlocking some of the hats and masks (especially the vaunted Skull Mask) with their strict population requirements.

Picking missions is just as important as knowing when they happen. For the population growth missions, you can choose to do the hard ones like "Downs with Molotovs" or whatever you feel is challenging. For the population loss missions, it's much better to play it safe and do the easiest missions. They're the mark enemies, gift items, and heal teammates missions.

Note that you can only pick missions a total of 6 times in one 12 week journey, and each time you pick them, the requirements get higher. So for the Down Enemies mission, it starts at 3, 6 and 9, but moves up to 6, 9 and 15 the next time you pick it, and so on and so forth.

User Info: dan0956

5 years ago#7
TVontheRadio - I have pm you.

Also Interested in your thoughts on spectre and enforcer

User Info: XSarcYX

5 years ago#8
Some other Tips and Tidbits:

The Double Barrel and Shorty are exactly the same in damage. They only benefit from headshots by giving you an extra 30 parts for a down. Otherwise, centre mass all the way. You'll be doing the same damage per 2 shots. The DBS' charm comes in its affordability, and that it lets you maintain the versatility of the other pistols. Use it to get yourself out of tight 1v1 or 2v1 situations, not to take on an entire team head-on like you would with a regular Shotgun.

The Enforcer is a direct upgrade from the 9mm. More accurate, more damaging (4 bodyshots to down instead of 5), less recoil, and an equally speedy reload. With Scavenger 2 or 3, every kill you make with the enforcer will ensure you another SIX bullets. More than enough to kill anything that moves.

Enemy bombs can be marked by aiming at them and pressing R3. Enemies can also be marked in this way. Sometimes it's better to mark a bomb and go around it than it is to waste a bullet on shooting it. Just be aware that these marks disappear after some time, so try to warn your teammates about its location as well as marking it if you can.

Smokes can be used to shiv stunned players from the front. The smoke is so thick that you can also efficiently use these to counter snipers, or launch an assault during the confusion and lack of visibility. Just try not to get turned around in your own smoke.

The 2x4 Plank Melee weapon that is sometimes found in some boxes is efficient. At 2 hits to down, it is more effective than your fists up close. However, you'll lose it if you die. If you upgrade your melee weapon with a trusty blade, rag and binding however, you'll keep it upon death until you've used the upgrade, upon which it becomes vulnerable to loss again.

Crafting a shiv gives you one shiv. Which has two uses, noted by the small rectangles under the shiv icon. This means you can shank two people per shiv. Having Executioner 2 or 3 will give additional shiv uses every time you craft a shiv, as well as bonus parts for the shiv kill/special executions. If you plan on being behind the enemy a lot, it's something to invest in.

The Military Sniper Rifle kills in a headshot. That's kills, not downs. Pop them skulls, people. Ammo aint cheap.

Listen mode isn't just useful for noting where your enemies are, it's useful for knowing what they're doing. You can see if an enemy is aiming, moving, crouching, climbing, vaulting or holding a thrown object. The latter is very important. If you see someone holding a thrown object, get the duck out of fodge. Better to move than risk being flambée'd by a molotov.

Armour is efficient, but it'll typically absorb one or two extra shots for you before your body kevlar is gone. Bulky and imposing as it may be, it could save your life in a push, but remember that it also makes you a target due to its very obvious sillhouette. Try not to waste it by getting caught crossing the street. Treat it as a luxury for when you have the spare parts.

SHARING KILLS is a great way to ensure that everyone has plenty of supplies at the end of a match, as well as helping with resource flow during the match. When you down an enemy and another player kills it, both players receive supplies and ammo. You also receive +100 parts for the down and the other player receives 50 points for an execution, or 75 for a special execution. It pays to help everyone and yourself get upgraded in the match so you aren't calling for backup from teammates with carboard guns.

Marking enemies is LOUD. It's useful, but it can be heard by you, your teammates, and the enemy team. Try to avoid marking an enemy if you plan to shank him in the neck. He might just turn around and shoot your face off.

User Info: XSarcYX

5 years ago#9
Movement and Positioning
Sprinting is useful, but not in every situation. Sprinting can be used intelligently, but not all the time. Sprint at the start of a match to your first box to get that quick headstart. The enemy will know you spawn on the opposite side of the map anyway. If you want to sprint to the second box, feel free. But be aware that some teammates will avoid your path like the plague, as sprinting will make you visible on the enemy radar until you stop sprinting. Sprinting up to distracted enemies to shiv them is a good idea. Sprinting away from combat is a good idea. Sprinting to distract enemies who are looking at your teammates but not currently engaged in combat is a good idea. But try not to sprint near teammates who are flanking if you've just respawned on them. Nobody's going to be happy with you if you sell them out and get them shot because you couldn't sit still.

If you lack Covert Training 2 or 3, you can still be seen in listen mode by an enemy player when you are moving. However, this doesn't make crouchwalking useless. Not only are you a less tall target, it allows you to fit behind low cover, and some weapons become more accurate while you're crouching!

Be aware of what is and isn't exposed when you are in cover. If your arm is sticking out, be sure that a savvy enemy will shoot it. A shot anywhere on the body except the head will do the same amount of damage. Whether it's your heart or your little toe, you're taking the damage. Things like reviving and healing also raise you up a little bit more than the standard crouched stance, making you a sitting duck for a halfway decent player with a bow or hunting rifle.

Since you can typically see what parts of you are exposed, this means that you can use this to your advantage. If you're behind cover and none of your limbs or guns are sticking out, stay there. Remember that this is a third person game, and enemies can manipulate the camera to look around a room before they come into it. If you're sitting in there aiming at the door they're about to come through, you've already started an engagement. If you wait patiently however, and the enemy hasn't seen you, you can allow them to enter the area, wait for the moment they're in the most open space, pop up and open fire. Typically they wont have time to move between the confusion of your appearance and the stress of getting shot right in the face. Ambush tactics.

Flanking and Counter-Flanking are absolutely vital to winning firefights. Especially 4v4 ones. If you have four players all in cover looking in the same direction, you're vulnerable to attacks from the left, right, behind, or even above in some maps. Try to have somebody monitoring things on the flanks to ensure you don't get caught with your pants down. It takes just one unexpected enemy player to throw a wrench in the works for you and result in your whole team dying. Though feel free to get behind a bunch of enemy players who are too busy fighting your team, and do with them as you see fit. Fighting a war on two or even three fronts is much harder than a straight-on fight.

User Info: XSarcYX

5 years ago#10
Bump. Requested sticky btw.
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