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  3. warning DO NOT do THE GIFT QUEST T bug gives you

User Info: BlazeAndBlade

11 months ago#1
The gift quest/ the one T bug gives, bugs access points and stops them giving out any quick hacks if you get the ping quick hack from the quest ( you can't delete/sell this quick hack since it's tag'ed as a quest item)

so no getting legendary quick hacks from 10+int req access points if you do that very early act 1 quest

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User Info: egpNoodlez

11 months ago#2
I've haven't had that happen in two playthroughs I've done, always done this side quest and later access points have given me free Legendary Quickhacks.

I've also gotten the free Ping from Nix later and it hasn't affected my game. Both Pings still show in my ALL category items with the ! mark.

User Info: notedeath

11 months ago#3
Havent had this happen to me either luckily. Still got legendary quickhacks from 10+ access points with the gift completed
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User Info: crilly966

11 months ago#4
Ive got a bug where when you do breach protocol the code your supposed to input doesn't show up

And as soon as you input a single piece of code no matter what it is the breach protocol will accept it but not ACTUALLY accept it? Effectively locking you out of access points.

Cause I got this bug right now with my second character and I was wondering where the f*** it came from and thinking back it only showed up after I did THE GIFT.

Its already f***ed one of my quest chains where im locked out of the good ending of the quest because I cant hack access points / computer anymore.

User Info: leeman27534

11 months ago#5
yeah, pretty sure it's just really rare. so it's not bugged for you, most likely, they're just not dropping much at all.
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User Info: BigOW

11 months ago#6
I did the gift and you’re right they weren’t dropping for me at all. I must have tried 50 times at arasaka terminal and nada but then I changed my os from I think raven mk4 to arasaka mk 4 and I started getting a legendary quickhack very frequently managed to pull 5 from arasaka terminal including a legendary ping after an hour of save scumming

User Info: MagillaGuerilla

11 months ago#7

User Info: Cykouxis

11 months ago#8
ok this damn thing is confusing , I do have the glitch with the GIFT Ping hack , it won't give any quickhacks when going to access points , I have INT 10 . I have switch out the cyberdecks and sold all quick hacks and nothing . The PING hack is in my inventory and cannot be thrown and yeeted out .

User Info: egpNoodlez

10 months ago#9
Okay I might be having the glitch now, I'm on a new run that is using 12 INT compared to 20 INT, and recently after 40 hours it has happened since I took the Datamine Virtuoso perk, I never took it in my other runs so maybe it's that?

I know a lot of perks are borked, for example Daisy Chain works backwards so lvl 1 gives a 90% reduction in cooldown times and lets you spam the 1:40 ultimate quickhacks every 10 seconds.

User Info: TwistBL

10 months ago#10
I'm not sure when it happened, but I definitely have this bug. I have not gotten quick hacks from terminals even with the 100% chance with the virtuoso perk forever. Doesnt matter if I upload all three or not, save scum etc. Its broken. I'm a net runner build, but it still sucks that I'm forced to level int to 20 to craft the legendary hacks, otherwise I'll never get them. I probably would have leveled it up the whole way anyways, but it's still a bummer I'm forced to use points in ways I wasn't going to.
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