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User Info: ElectricEbola

4 years ago#1
Hello guys,

I am in Chapter 10 and I'm farming the Silver Dragon for End-Game traits for my equipment; I keep hearing about just swinging at foes instead of fighting them, but I have never unlocked this ability previously to this point. Was it a life task that had to be completed prior to advancing past a previous chapter? Did I miss out on it? I hear it is from completing the talk to 10 townsfolk, but I have done that?

Will I have to wait for my next playthrough?

User Info: alienfetucine

4 years ago#2
It's from talking to 50 people. It miiiiight be missable but...

Try talking to every person you can, including your party members and shopkeepers. Check Faav village, the homunculus village, and the two encampments near Stellard. There are a couple of other NPCs hanging out in random places, like a homunculus near the back of the Water Garden of Origins.

It counts the first time you've seen a particular bit of dialogue, so talking to people in multiple chapters counts multiple times. Doesn't really help if you're already in chapter 10 though. I'm actually kind of curious to know if there are <50 NPCs then or if you're forced to talk to enough people that you can't permanently miss it.
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User Info: whimsic_al

4 years ago#3
There are over 50 NPCs left in Chapter 10, so I don't think it's missable. I had it already in Chapter 2, so you should have plenty of chances to get it if you just interact with everyone you come across, even just the first time.

User Info: ElectricEbola

4 years ago#4
Ah. Many thanks. Just went and talked to everyone. Definately enough people in all the villages and inhabited settlements around the Sea. Farming will go much faster now... If only I hadn't collected all the traits almost already... *sigh*

User Info: Uryvichk

4 years ago#5
I missed it in Japanese since there was no point talking to people I didn't understand. Oops. Ugh, it is not good to miss in this one.
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