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User Info: Nickis914

5 years ago#1
I've read about the glitches with trophies not unlocking, but I'm having a weird problem where every time I unlock something in the PS4 version of the game that would give me a trophy, I end up being given a trophy from The Last of Us Remastered. For the record, I was able to unlock a few trophies while playing Rebirth on the Vita like normal (that is, before the game glitched out and stopped working altogether, now it just hangs on the initial loading screen even after redownloading it).

Has anybody run into this problem? What on earth could be causing this?

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User Info: The Chow

The Chow
5 years ago#2
I don't know about your trophy problem, but I did have the loading screen problem (and have tried redownloading like you did).

This is how I eventually fixed the eternal loading screen on my PS4:
I deleted my save to see if that was the problem. Since I had a copy of my save in the cloud, I felt safe doing this. Plus, my Vita version was still working fine, so I could still upload my save even if it was somehow not there. After the game loaded again, I downloaded the save from the cloud.

I suppose what happened to me was that I disrupted a save process at some point and corrupted the save file. For some reason, the game seems to check the save file on startup (though I can't imagine why it'd do that).
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User Info: Void_Guardian

5 years ago#3
Iv been having the same bug,Playing binding of isaac the past few nights it has unlocked 6 destiny trophies most of them pvp

User Info: Nephid

5 years ago#4
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