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User Info: hmoobpaladin

4 years ago#1
There are 5 games set in the Arkham universe. Which one is the best? - Results (142 votes)
Batman: Arkham Asylum
16.2% (23 votes)
Batman: Arkham City
41.55% (59 votes)
Batman: Arkham Origins
7.75% (11 votes)
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate
2.11% (3 votes)
Batman: Arkham Knight
32.39% (46 votes)
This poll is now closed.
The other polls weren't complete since it's missing a title or two so I decided to make a complete one.

What is your favorite or best Arkham game?

Mine would be Arkham Knight with Origins in second. Origins suit looked very good and the only title I could replay without getting bored.
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User Info: Zeekade

4 years ago#2
Arkham Asylum: Maybe the most "perfect" game of the series still; nothing wasted, pacing is perfect, best mood
Arkham City: Everything x2 only at the expense of perhaps cohesion; super fan servicey in the best way
Arkham Origins: Best story, maybe; otherwise, ugly step-cousin of the series; feels like a fan mod in a bad way
Arkham Knight: Maybe worst story, but is everything x5; best mechanics, fighting, exploration

Have to say the list now goes: Knight > City > Asylum >>> Origins

User Info: ProtestTheHiro

4 years ago#3
Arkham Knight

Best story, better looking characters (except Catwoman), waaaay better gameplay

Batmobile stuff is fine. They just need to add the old school challenge maps

User Info: ZenTea

4 years ago#4
City is the more complete experience . Knight is second, batmobile is badass, but lack of boss fights is lame.

User Info: Fugly_Jack

4 years ago#5
Arkham Knight, if only there was a real challenge mode though. The batmobile was fun, and it's not like the series had any amazing boss fights anyway.
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User Info: Soldier_0_Cross

4 years ago#6
City is a little more consistent than Knight. Knight has a lot of great moments and overall a brilliant game, but the lack of proper boss fights and the overuse of the Batmobile in the story is a bit too much.
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User Info: Doober2

4 years ago#7
Knight, easily
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User Info: Black_Fire

4 years ago#8
From best to worst IMO


Looking back on the whole series i feel asylum and origins overall were the best.

Still all of them are damn good games, well knight is in the middle to me, i love and hate a lot of things about this game to be honest.
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User Info: ProtestTheHiro

4 years ago#9
People really voting for City? lol

The story in that game was soooo bad

User Info: Peptabysmal

4 years ago#10
ProtestTheHiro posted...
People really voting for City? lol

The story in that game was soooo bad

The story is not particularly good, but it has a great blend of variety and entertainment in the gameplay department, so for that reason it gets support. I don't know what to say about Knight, no singular mechanic is without its supporters but it's hard to argue that it's without flaws, or even meeting expectations for some fans. All are good games though, obviously.
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