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User Info: PinkieMinka975

2 years ago#1
Hey there guys! I recently bought the game yesterday and playing happily with it. I only have one issue: when a customer says she wants a "girly outfit", I try to create an ensemble she suggested. Most of time when I use items that are all "girly", they like it. But when I create an outfit that is "girly" but uses one item that is not then they'll be disappointed. I thought the game uses the same logic from Trendsetters where as long as the ensemble uses a dominant number of items of the suggested style, putting it one or two items that aren't from that style will still work. Does this happen all the time?
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User Info: Manah

2 years ago#2
I know that you can at least use one or two basic items in an outfit, but I've never tried anything else that doesn't fit the theme.
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