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  3. Hangmans Gambit is horrible
killer6873 7 years ago#1
So I remember playing the original and thinking hangman's gambit was a stupid minigame and why we couldnt just choose from a list of option. Boy was i ever wrong. Hangman's gambit in this game is 10X worse. The stupid management of the letters so that they dont collide and the slowness of it all is painful. you could spend up to 30 seconds waiting for the right letter to come up. Sometimes you know what the clue/contradiction is but you arent sure what word the game wants you to spell. Aside from that the game is amazing but damn i hate hangmans gambit
Gamemaster64 7 years ago#2
yeah, most of my retries comes from the huge amounts of damage taken from this dumb game.

I wonder if it possible to get through a case without retrying/losing health
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Faye-Faye_basic 7 years ago#3
I had it happen so many times where opposite letters would spawn on top of each other, causing instant damage.

I also got a game over while helplessly waiting for the next letter to show up for a good 20-30 seconds. How they thought this was "improved" is beyond me.
NinjamanXXXX 7 years ago#4
I hate Logic dive and this.
superange128 7 years ago#5
... I actually kinda like Hangman's Gambit

sure better than Bullet Time Battle/PTA
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ArmedDragoon 7 years ago#6
Trying to get the No Damage trophy with this thing existing was horrible.
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BlueswordsX 7 years ago#7
Well it's definitely the hardest so it's quite understandable for people to hate it if they're looking to just continue the case.

I actually like all the minigames though since it adds to replay value of the trials. Just because I know the answer doesn't mean I won't get destroyed! On Mean difficulty it gets totally ridiculous Chapter 5 and beyond, at least without lots of special skills to help you.
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NinjamanXXXX 7 years ago#8
superange128 posted...
... I actually kinda like Hangman's Gambit

sure better than Bullet Time Battle/PTA

I disagree.
PTA is better than hangman's gambit.Despite the mini game itself feels clunky.

I want mini games that has something to with Breaking others arguments or Trying to spout nonsense and I crush it.Which is PTA.

Hangman's gambit and Logic dive are boring and breaks my immersion IMO when I was too focused on the case and suddenly this kind of games pops out.
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Akihiko__Sanada 7 years ago#9
I pretty much like everything except for the horrible Closing Argument (which ironically, is one of the most popular minigames. >_>)
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RPGman1 7 years ago#10
Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of HG or Logic Dive myself. Logic Dive wouldn't bother me so much if it weren't for the "jumping puzzle" sequences.
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