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User Info: fate484

2 years ago#1
got to final form with my second overlord and got trillion close to death with my 3rd can proly kill with that attacking death skill but since I want to get all endings eventually figure it'd be least annoying to start with the overlords furthest along which will require alot of just letting myself die but when I did that with my 4th trillion ate ALOT so wondering if this is something I have to worry about?

User Info: jerjer1999

2 years ago#2
Since you can't choose your character from 4th onwards, I recommend you just take Tril down as soon as you can. It's not going to make a big difference in terms of how long it takes to get all endings, as long as you don't finish with 2nd or 3rd.

That being said, Trillion eats less the more damage you deal, which is nice when it's further from death, but later dealing damage to lower its appetite isn't much of an option. However, since Tril only eats after a round of combat, doing a single round per Overlord instead of retreating to go 3-for-1 gives a pretty good story-progress-to-amount-eaten ratio.
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