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User Info: SqusNuts

4 years ago#11
No i do not believe time plays a part in the rankings
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User Info: SuddenTwitch

4 years ago#12
blinkfreak posted...
Are the rankings on the levels based on time? Looking at that gold trophy. I hate time based medals, unlocks, trophies, etc.

they are based on how much power-nodes you collect.
the difficulty level you play on is also stored and can be seen in the level select menu but its separate from the bronze/silver/gold/platinum star medal you earn for each level.

User Info: SuddenTwitch

4 years ago#13
SqusNuts posted...
Stuck on level 2 boss, grrrr anyone figure out what to do after opening 1st jail door??

You need to open all 3 doors to escape the chapter 2 boss.
also after you unlocked door 1 make sure to unlock door 2 next. for door 3 you need the powershot charger that you can get near the door 2 switch.

good luck!
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