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User Info: rahlhunter

5 years ago#1
- Crossbuy, the game and dlc are free if you already own the PS3 version. If you obtained your copy via PSN fiasco, then you still count for Crossbuy and can just download the game on your Vita.

- Runs at native resolution.

- Runs at 30fps.

- Is the PS3 version with all content intact.

- Graphics are down graded significantly, but the dynamic lighting, shadows and atmosphere are ever present.

- Plenty of zombie action to be had on screen. I've counted upwards of 40 zombies in a single area and up to 25 on screen at once without fps issues.

- Zombies and certain objects still ragdoll. Zombie bodies that persist after re-death can also be ragdolled with explosives until they disappear.

- Controls work well and there is no forced touch screen gimmickry.

- Load times are about average.. Not quick, but not long either.
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User Info: zer0hp

5 years ago#2
Is the online netcode just as bad as the ps3? It had frequent disconnection issues.

User Info: bellzemo

5 years ago#3
What is the road to devastation about?
All that once was will be.

User Info: AlexMuts

5 years ago#4
"- Graphics are down graded significantly, but the dynamic lighting, shadows and atmosphere are ever present."

Screenshot please?

User Info: eighthdayregret

5 years ago#5
bellzemo posted...
What is the road to devastation about?

From Wikipedia:
The pack focuses on continuous survival, and presents players with upgrade paths instead of stages. Each round ends by returning to a laboratory, where the player receives prizes for their achievements before starting the next round. There are three main paths, each of which splits into two sub-paths. Once a round is completed, the player cannot re-enter the same path in the following round.

Gameplay has been altered slightly compared to the main game. When a player in co-op mode opens a box with money, the amount acquired is only given to the player that opened the box. Zombie strength, health and speed increase with each round. The game ends when the player dies, forcing them to restart from the beginning. A patch added an arcade mode to the DLC, where progress can be saved between rounds, but players are limited to play until Round 6, and the original mode now is called "Endless".

My impression of the game:
Only played the PS4 version previously, but I did notice that when the zombies first enter the screen, their bodies don't really move so much as slide into view. As in, they don't walk, they're just static models sliding into the scene.

Also, the PDP Vita trigger grips I have for my Vita DO NOT help with the game. Even after having them for over a year, the L and R triggers are still pretty stiff, and cause the Vita to shift slightly when I press or release them.
So watch out for that.

User Info: forte

5 years ago#6
I played through the first several missions last night and am really impressed that the dynamic lighting and ragdoll physics still work to awesome effect. I love the little details like kicking a tiny can by accident and alerting nearby zombies.

I barely noticed slowdown even with a lot of zombies on screen. The game's framerate seems pretty steady (around 30) for the first several missions anyway. Perhaps Road to Devastation might make the game hiccup. ..but I have yet to try.

The graphics are still pretty rad even with the concessions made, but some details and character/enemy models have been simplified for sure.
Keep in mind it is hard to notice on the small screen as there is still a helluva lot of minute details going on.

For 7.99 it is well worth the price of admission! And for Arcadey fun grab the DLC for 3.99
Great thing to tide me over while I wait for Walking Dead Season 2 next week and Borderlands next month!

User Info: Nujevad

5 years ago#7
I was playing it a few minutes ago and I remembered how much I wanted Diablo 2 on the Vita...
"Ima wa wareware no dokuritsu nichi desu!"
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