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stop3 7 years ago#1
The first episode was shockingly short for $8.99

Although I loved the depth of the 3D, that was definitely not $8.99 of entertainment. It was closer to one or two dollars of fun.

Also, it's really too bad they couldn't redo the cut scenes to match the rest of the game.
dascylus 7 years ago#2
After being spoiled by indie game prices on Steam, I can admit I started placing monetary value on games based on the length of an average playthrough. 1-2 hours definitely doesn't justify $8.99 for me, I'd want at least 8 hours of gameplay for that price, this includes replayability features (and they'd have to be good).
TatsuSuou 7 years ago#3
It's only $2 for each consecutive episodes and are supposedly as long as the first episode.. I don't really understand why they couldn't release the entire thing for $15.
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