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KFHEWUI 7 years ago#1
In chapter 2 when you get to the room with the Guardian (looks like a scorpion and slams the ground when his health gets low), if you go into the room and start the battle, scene plays, and leave the room before killing the boss. When you reenter the room, the boss will be gone however the red key is still locked and unobtainable.

I found this by pure accident as I went through the stairway to go up and get the key when fighting the boss on veteran. The boss disappeared so I decided to exit the room and reenter in hopes of the boss would reappear however instead the boss disappeared including his health bar. The good thing is that there is a save room right before the boss chamber so it is easy to work around.
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upsidaisium 7 years ago#2
I ran into this bug yesterday too - if only had noticed this message a day earlier!

I started a game on Veteran and ran into trouble against the Guardian. I was almost dead so I figured I'd run back to a previous room and pick up some health refills that I left behind, but then I couldn't find any so I decided to use the save point to refill my health. When I went back into the Guardian's room, it was gone, I couldn't get the red key, and I was basically stuck because I had saved to refill my health. :/ Lucky for me it didn't take all that much time to start another new game and get back to that point... but it was still pretty annoying!
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