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Genericgamer667 7 years ago#1
nothing special bit meh on graphics but not bad by any means. One thing I love is how damn smooth it is, 60 fps even with 3d is a huge boon

hope the rest is released soon since I hear it's pretty short
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vattodev 7 years ago#2
I'm not sure how short it is. I've heard that each episode costs $2 and that it takes 2-4 hours to complete. Seems to be a great hour/dolar relation for me.
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stop3 7 years ago#3
The first episode is $8.99. So... the price of the first episode way too high, but the price of the remaining episodes should be spot on for the play-value.
audioheretic 7 years ago#4
I like the game, even if it's not anything really special. It brings on nostalgia of mid-90's FPS, only with the 3D effect. Game runs smoothly, but it took me just over an hour to finish the first episode (I didn't unlock the VR mission, though I found 2 of the 3 artifacts).

$8.99 for the first episode is overpriced, but the game isn't awful by any means. I just wish there was more content.
upsidaisium 7 years ago#5
I picked this game up on a whim from the eShop and I'm surprised how much I enjoyed it. $8.99 for the first episode is a bit steep, but it sounds like the upcoming episodes will be fairly cheap. I'm looking forward to them.

Couldn't get used to looking/aiming with the stylus, though. I found it much easier to move with ABXY and look/aim with the circle pad.
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