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User Info: Blazakenki

4 years ago#1
Like it says in the title. what is a weapon's "true attack"?

I was looking at a bow and then a charge blade i have on kirinico:


and under attack they both have "true attack".
What is that? Is it the attack upgrade you get from Challenger +1 or +2?
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User Info: Muzika2013

4 years ago#2
True Attack is what the real attack values are so the game is balanced and stuff.

Each weapon's true attack is calculated in the monster hunter titles by taking the weapon's attack stat and dividing it by a weapon modifier. Essentially, monster hunter tries to fluff the numbers with a modifier instead of just telling us how it is.

This modifier takes the attack of the weapon, and reduces it to be equal and on-par to all the other weapons. So a switch axe with 1242 attack (5.4 modifier) does the same raw damage of dual swords with 322 attack (1.4 modifier).

So I took every weapon and divided their attack stat by their modifier, to get the damage you'd actually get out of the weapon.

BTW: The formula for the damage you do on a monster is done with the formula:
Damage = [ [Attack]/Weapon Modifier* Motion value * Effectiveness] + [Elemental Damage] * Overall Defense
(affinity factors into "attack")

Stole that from another gfaqs post.
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User Info: DarkMarc009

4 years ago#3
True attack is the weapons real attack value, before factoring in the aesthetic "weapon class modifier". Attack up large gives 20 true attack for example, and challenger+ 2 gives 25 true attack and 20% affinity. Power charm/talon give 6/9 true attack for a total of 15.

User Info: vampragonlord

4 years ago#4
Here is a quick reference guide to understand some of the finer details of damage calculation.

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User Info: windvalley

4 years ago#5
The things is, a Great Sword with 1900 attack does not mean it deals 1200 more damage than a Charage Blade with 700 Attack. True attack value represent the weapon's actual damage potential after going through a formula.

User Info: RedYoshi27

4 years ago#6
The average endgame attack is around 250-260. Well at least it was in 3U. Its a bit higher now apparently ranging from 280-300ish. This makes adding AuL and challenger much easier. AuL is 20 attack so an endgame weapon would have 280 real raw or for a bows/bow guns, normal/rapid up would give you a 10% more raw so a 260 weapon would get 26 more raw. This is why at the endgame, % boosts generally beat flat boosts like AuL.
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User Info: Astragon

4 years ago#7
All the info is true, though there is a cutoff where the age old argument:

Critical Master (+30% affinity) beats Attack Up XL after 334 true raw

Only the absolute best of the best endgame weapons come close to this. And then Lvl140 relic gear completely blows this out of the water. Then again, extreme forging also does this.
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User Info: KaiserWarrior

4 years ago#8
True attack is weapon power before the class modifier. Class modifiers exist so that Capcom can balance the weapons via the true numbers, then let the modifiers take care of making it so that big-and-slow weapons "look" more powerful than small-and-fast weapons, to make it clear to newbies that they do more damage per-hit.

User Info: Meathouse

4 years ago#9
The problem with the True Attack values on Kiranico is that they do not factor in affinity, so what you see is still off from affinity. An easy solution for this is the equations Expected Power = Attack (1+.25(affinity/100)) Then use that value for True Attack = Expected Power / (Value for weapon) in the case of an HBG would be 1.5.


Eldaora's Delphinidae 540 Attack -50% affinity
540(1+.25(-50/100)) = 540 X .875 = an Expected Attack of 472.5
472.5/1.5 = A True Attack value of 315

This also is why even though some weapons have the same attack values, you'll do more damage with one than the other.

Daora's Ceti 420 20% affinity (Heavy Bowgun)
Reigning Grissword 420 20% affinity (SNS)
420(1+.25(20/100)) = 441
441/1.5 (HBG modifier) = 294
441/1.4 (SNS modifier) = 315

So you can see that even when they have the same, a SNS's "True Attack" is actually pretty high compared to the low value you see.
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User Info: professor x

professor x
4 years ago#10
In simple terms, true attack is the real/actual damage of the weapon. What you see in-game is a fake number meant to please the masses so that they think their bigger than life sword deals tons of damage. In reality, all end game weapon regardless of class pretty much deal the same true damage. Its a terrible system IMO, should just list the real damage instead.

What makes or break the weapon is not the stupid attack number but the motion value of your attacks. Why does SnS raw dps suck? Because each attack is only about 16 or so, in comparison a single draw attack from GS which is 48. So you need about 3 swings of your SnS to make up for a single chop of the GS.
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