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User Info: RPGSaga

6 years ago#1
Do Steve aka Serlegios's weapons really sharpen themselves?
Any info in how this works?

User Info: Ruins72

6 years ago#2
Every 4 or 5 rolls with your weapon unsheathed your weapon sharpens itself, that's about it really. I should say evade sorry, because backsteps and sidesteps count too.
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User Info: BadJhojho

6 years ago#3
Yep, they do. You get some of the sharpness back by rolling/hopping 5x.

Seregios' armor set is perfect for his weapons because it has Constitution +2 which halves the stamina consumption. So you don't have to worry about your stamina bar running out.

Another thing, his melee weapons have really small purple sharpness. But his armor also covers this with a new skill "One with the blade", it's both Razor Sharp and Mind's Eye in one skill.

User Info: mattfrank

6 years ago#4
Each activation only restore a small amount sharpness though, as opposed to using wheat stone.
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User Info: RPGSaga

6 years ago#5
Umm... so some others questions.
Do you have to actually evade an attack or can you just roll/step even with no threat of attacks connecting? If that's the case then it's broken.
And how does it work for gunners?

User Info: dexter1984

6 years ago#6
Seregios Melee weapon have terrible blue/white/purple sharpness and no element, I rarely see anyone using them.

User Info: Xaellox

6 years ago#7
You can just randomly roll on the ground and it recovers (and it's every 5 accumulated rolls, so you can roll 4 times, sheath, unsheath, roll, and it counts). You can roll around 10 times to recover a whole bar of sharpness instead of sharpening if you're so inclined.

The Seregios GS is a fairly great intermediate weapon until you get better
rank 9/10 weapons as it's powerful and fairly easy to make. GS are allowed to be more economical with their attacks and make the most out of that purple sharpness.

I wouldn't recommend committing a Seregio mirror gem to upgrade it to rank 10 though, there are probably far better uses for that gem than the weapon.

dexter1984 posted...
I rarely see anyone using them.

That's likely because to make them you have to play the offline missions to fight upper rank Seregio, which is the ONLY way to fight a upper rank Seregio. Also, the rank 7 upgrade requires red Tigarex materials.
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