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User Info: tidusx21

5 years ago#1
Huge worms fan that likes to play online multiplayer. I feel like the high price tag for this may keep many from buying. How active is online?
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User Info: kayoticdreamz

5 years ago#2
I'm wondering this too......I want this because worms games are fun even if I am getting tired of the series refusing to evolve.....but I also know online in these games dies pretty quick.

but I also feel like 25 dollars is too much for a same old thing kind of game.

User Info: mr_moloch

5 years ago#3
It's fairly active if you play in Battlegrounds/Clan mode. Even if you are the only member of your own clan, you're better off in that mode than the 'Xbox Live' mode. If you create a lobby someone will join you within a minute or 2. Worms is pretty popular on Android so I think it's driving more people towards this game than what happened with Worms on the 360
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User Info: Maclochlain

5 years ago#4

I play quite a lot of Multi-player in the Clan Wars "battlegrounds" section & it's active most of the time, sometimes you'll have to wait a minute or 2 to find an opponent.

Often you'll be matched against a person that refuses to Ready up or communicate (although I believe that some of these cases are down to the useless Invite system that doesn't work a lot of the time)

& you may frequently play against the same person/clan, but as the league progresses you'll get to know the other players & that only helps to create a real sense of community.. something most "AAA" games don't provide.

The game crashes VERY often too, me & my clan mates experience it every day we play... but play still we do since the game is Awesome!

Any real Fan of the Worms series will have a great time with Worms Battlegrounds, the Clan system has kept me playing much more than I perhaps would have otherwise... though it lacks depth it's a very welcome edition to the game.

If you own the PC version Worms Clan Wars then make no mistake... this IS the same game in everything but the name. I own Clan Wars as well but I wanted this on the Xbox.

Even with the HORRIBLE bugs/crashes I have gotten more than my moneys worth @ €24.99.. it will no doubt get cheaper & perhaps even free with gold at some stage but I knew what I was getting into & regret nothing.

If you'd like to join an active social Clan then please message me in game:

Xbox One
GT: Maclochlain

We've all been Worms fans since the first game.
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