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User Info: PsychicRutabaga

6 years ago#1
So far so good. There seems to be a lot of hate toward the Beamdog remakes on the PC forums, but having the whole Baldur's Gate saga mobile on my iPad is well worth the cost. I was enjoying Chateau Irenicus on a flight last week.

Navigation using a touchscreen instead of a mouse takes a little getting used to, but hasn't been that difficult in my opinion. The only thing I really miss is the spacebar, but you get used to clicking the clock in the lower left to pause anyhow. And being able to zoom in on your characters and areas is pretty nice. Overall, I'd say it was well worth the purchase to enjoy my favorite game series on a tablet.
"Belly up, comrades, and let Korgan flail the bladder for a spell." - Korgan, Baldur's Gate: Shadows of Amn
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