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User Info: SnowsterSC

3 months ago#1
Am I going to get banned for this? Is this a board invasion?

There's a discord server where some of us still hang out and play games from time to time. Us, meaning off the top of my head: LordOfDabu, ash.sonic, syst, me, and a bunch of other friends we've made since the bsb golden ages.


Come hang out / say hello sometime!

Especially if you were on mel's list of Real BSBers: http://www.geocities.ws/mellymelmelp/thelist.html

but also, anyone else who wants to get in touch with some old school bsbers!

User Info: SmellyElf

3 months ago#2
Aww I didn't make the list but I recognize a lot of these names :)
Let's play some BW!
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