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User Info: ICanHearTheHead

8 years ago#1
I was wondering how much land is enough? Should I extort every working week, or get a good chunk and work on illegal businesses? It seems I start off great but by the fifth week the other gangsters are kicking my ass in the graphs. Also concerning the moonshine still and speakeasy, do two separate hoods have to run both businesses, or does one hood run the speakeasy and the moonshine still? After I set up both businesses do I just sit back and let them make the money, or do I have to intervene in anyway? Also do both businesses have to be close to each other to work effectively or does it matter? Any help anyone could provide would be awesome. I really want to do well at the game but it seems I give up after a few weeks because I get dominated very quickly.<--Sweet Head Music
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User Info: Zalandoer

8 years ago#2

Around 80 blocks should be good enough to allow you to hold your own depanding on the quality. commercial blocks are more profitable then tenement blocks. Also note that large banks and depo stores bring in $500 and have cops guarding them so you won't have to worry to much about other hoods destorying the place. Just remember the more blocks you have the harder its going to be to defend them. Extorting is a good income for the frist few weeks after that you should be focusing on illagel buisnesses.

Yes two diffent hoods run them. After a few weeks the speak easy will start to make a profit. Moonshine stalls mayneed a warehouse to drop there goods off to. Beyand that nothing else you have to do minus sending hoods to guard it. As far asI know it doesn't matter how far apart thay are thay will still work the same. However it may be easyer to guard them if thay are closer together.

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  3. Probably a dead board...but wondering if anyone could help...

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