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User Info: Stanimal032

8 months ago#1
Finished it when it first came out, but it was full of glitches. How's it running these days? Still a lot of glitched quests?
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User Info: KingCoop

8 months ago#2
Im not that far yet, up to ginger in a pickle but had no issues

User Info: xaber8

8 months ago#3
I’m about 50 hours in and have only experienced a handful of bugs, mostly for graphics. I don’t recall any bugs preventing me from completing a quest or progressing.

User Info: darklink67

8 months ago#4
The recent patch (Unless it's been fixed) caused some real nasty pop ins in towns and villages especially on a horse.

User Info: CrunchyNapkin

8 months ago#5
You also don't get dirt on you on 1.6 patch so bath house's are useless. Your clothing and armor also doesn't get damaged and you look absolutely pristine at all times even when you have the black splat icon on your clothes and armor in the inventory screen.

Pop in is worse with this patch also. Though I don't have the DLC, it was also reported in the official forums by many that Talmberg castle disappears when trying to activate the DLC quests.

Personally I've had many bugs when starting a fresh game on 1.6 like quest bugs and the slow loading on NPC's and objects. Some quests like the archery contest with sir hans capon messed up for me. He would just stand there while we were supposed to compete shooting at the targets. Reloading fixed it though. Training with Bernard was also bugged for me. Our weapons were invisible at one point and also during a training segment, he froze and wouldn't do anything. I could repeatedly hit him and he would just stand there and I also could not exit the training. Reloading fixed it but I was on normal mode. I can't imagine playing on hardcore with no autosaving and have to redo massive amounts of the game again when it glitches.
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