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User Info: RollingSkull

6 years ago#1
I don't understand the hate. This is a solid Dr. Mario version from the same team that gave us the excellent Wiiware and DSiware versions. You get main game, the gimmicky L-shaped pills mode, and the gimmicky touch screen mode (Straight port from the Wiiware gimmick but now with touch screen instead of Wiimote.). Fever and Chill only, relaxing remixes of Fever and Chill for touch screen, two unique songs for L-shaped pills. Online play in both modes. Flash in both modes. Vs. AI (And I think vs. AI flash in both modes.) The AI is still solid.

The price is ridiculous though. $15 is nuts. $10 on the Wiiware. $5 on 3DS to lose all online. Dr. Luigi does not have $5 more. How much did they muck about to make this that they have to charge $15?

Online is still played but the only people left are the crazy dedicated.

Forcing gamepad for every mode is a pain but the Gamepad is a solid controller.

Dr. Mario will never beat Tetris but this is still some of the best quality Dr. Mario you can get. Worth your CN coins easily.
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User Info: Kamil

6 years ago#2
Never really heard of this, but I didn't really follow the Wii U until more recently. Anyway I have a friend I hang out with who loves Dr. Mario and I could see this being a good purchase for the left over coins I have but I may just spend them on Earthbound and Golden Sun. Then maybe something like Ice Hockey.

I still haven't completely decided. I do like Dr. Mario better than Tetris, but that's besides the point :P I did buy him Dr. Mario 64 as a gift so we'll always have that anyway.
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