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  3. Little sad they took out Sneeze and Cough.

User Info: BlueInfinity

7 years ago#1
Sneeze ('Que Que' in Dr. Mario 64) was by far my favorite soundtrack. Why take out so many things in this game? There's even an empty spot in the Music bar for gosh sakes.

Other than that, and the lack of 4-player mode, I'm happy with the game. Online is far improved (though they took out the comment feature to talk to your opponent and the Mii's), and the Virus Buster mode is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better now.

What are you guys' thoughts on it?
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User Info: InsertCoin2Play

7 years ago#2
I don't like that they removed two songs even though I always played with the sound off while watching TV. They did add two new songs with the new modes, though. Removing the Miis took some personality away from the game. I never used the comments, but it was funny watching people trying to taunt with them. Maybe the empty song slot gets unlocked if you clear the game on a certain level. I wish there was a way to use a wii remote or pro pad in one-player. For some reason, this game just doesn't make me want to ditch Dr. Mario Rx altogether.

User Info: Steven-Chase

7 years ago#3
I like the new songs but hate that they're confined to specific modes of play. I always set the music to "Random," which feels pretty pointless when it's just alternating between two songs...

User Info: GrimmTrixX

7 years ago#4
Damn we cant use wii remotes for sigle player? I bought it but didnt play it yet. Thats kind of annoying.
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User Info: thebobevil

7 years ago#5
What about 'Turn and Cough'?
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User Info: Joey-Zaza

7 years ago#6
Do that scene where everyone gets aids.
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  3. Little sad they took out Sneeze and Cough.
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