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User Info: Quiet451

7 years ago#1
I understand that the original Dr. Mario was built the same way where you could chose a level and speed, but I was hoping for more with Dr. Luigi. I think a story mode would have been cool where you cure certain patients from the Mario universe, with cut scenes and all. The final level would be curing Mario.
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User Info: Laylow12

7 years ago#2
I dig that idea you have.
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User Info: chillv

7 years ago#3
Yeah, that would be cool and add a little bit of charm to the game. However, we were never expecting anything like that since this is basically a rushed title and it shows.

User Info: KirbyKollector

7 years ago#4
If you want a story mode, pick up Dr. Mario 64 on the N64. It's actually tragic that they never put that on Virtual Console; it's the best and most feature-rich Dr. Mario game. Even disregarding story mode, you could say every version after it has actually gone backwards since DM64 had four-player mode! Why doesn't this have four-player mode!?

User Info: DeathSoul2000

7 years ago#5
Eh, l had a feeling this would be a lackluster effort with Luigi shoehorned in after how poor Dr. Marios have been since the GBA.

User Info: BlueInfinity

7 years ago#6
To be fair, Dr. Mario 64 was a full priced retail game.

This is a $15 eShop game with 3 unique modes, with 3 different game types each, and online mode with 4 unique leaderboards.

I think it's fine for what it's offering at the price point, but I do agree it's a little sad how there hasn't been a Dr. Mario to the scope and size of 64.
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