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User Info: PoMPyro

2 years ago#1
So I’ve pretty much completed the game I feel. Level 999, recently hit Thanatos, all trials and strategy zones done, ggc’s are done, grand quests that have any notable rewards are done, pretty much the only thing I could possibly do is continue grinding for 10m merit points, colo max level, and summoner arc level 500. Oh summoner trials and all quest content for summoner arc and normal story line is done too.

Like I said. I just feel like I’m continuing the grind for the sake of grinding with no real goal to speak of. Anyone have any clue if new trials are going to come out?

Almost forgot. Max frontier hunter rank, frontier gates, and guild rifts completed.

If anyone has any custom challenges they could think of like “what ever trial using only x team comp or x spheres” would be pretty cool.

User Info: Cogito

2 years ago#2
no more trials.

if you want challenges
1. get top 50 in colo, hero rank
2. get rank 1 in ent/mid/end/terminus
3. use non-LE/GE units and clear everything
4. use legacy units and clear everything
5. get ortus

6. solo gr boss. boss lv min.5
7. get top 1500 in va with zero loss
8. get 10 consecutive perfect victories in colo. 10 ticket battles
Hito wa mikake ni yoranu mono

User Info: PainsPerception

2 years ago#3
The greatest challenge with this game is putting up with it daily.
"Beware the Pain patrol? :^)" - Hammer_of_Wrath
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