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User Info: SilverC

2 years ago#1
Hey i havent played this game for long but i cant figure out how to make a decent team so can you please help me using the units below;
Victorious general gyras - breaker
Divine law kanon - guardian
Godly command izuna - lord
Fabled kurewa & kuraginn - lord
Heavenly empress ragra - oracle
Fabled emperor kulyuk - lord
Dancing flames rengaku - lord
Torturous grief zellha - oracle
Dark destruction kalon - guardian
Roaring empress sonia - breaker
Green fang daze - anima
Emerald knight hisui - breaker
Allience leader freed - anima
Azure king garell - oracle
Lovely comet janice - guardian
Noble guardian segrud - guardian
Calamity steel chrome - breaker
Wicked sorcerer gregor - guardian
Ruinous pair ragina - breaker
Kyo kusanagi - lord
Twilight empress neferet - breaker

Thanks in advance

User Info: DSLevantine

2 years ago#2
I suggest you spend some matsuri tix to rs some units. The unit list you provided is totally outdated.
No half-measures

User Info: MrMcMahon

2 years ago#3
Game is dead sadly.....
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User Info: DSLevantine

2 years ago#4
It's on life support
No half-measures
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