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agn34 6 months ago#1
I was wondering if it was possible to hex edit Janne/Nikolai back into your party, or even Braev/Alternis/Agnes from the into. Job skins would probably crash the game, so it would have to be from overwriting a costume.
Since most characters share the same animations, it might even be possible to put other NPCs like commander Goodman or Geist. It would be so sick to play as the asterisk holders or a party of 4 Yews or something.
I'll start messing with the saves now, thanks to KD666 for saving me from having to play the entire game again on an emulator and hack in the costumes myself.

agn34 6 months ago#2
Update: I have managed to get them back into my party. Surprisingly, the game doesn't crash when you change jobs, the model fails to load in the menus but once you get into a battle it just defaults back to the freelancer skin. Nikolai can use guns normally so I have no reason to doubt the others can as well. They can't use special attacks or be sent as summons. Trying to change special move phrases (they're all blank) crashes the game.
agn34 6 months ago#3
Second update: The intro characters aren't actually in your party and there is no way to put them in with save editing, I did manage to clone my party members though. Their equipment and abilities are copied between them. The party part of the save file starts at 00001703, put 28 to change the first party member to Nikolai, 80 for Tiz, 88 for Magnolia, 90 for Yew, 98 for Edea and A0 for Janne. The other 3 slots are a bit weird and sometimes need to be changed slightly to get what you want.
KingDemonic666 6 months ago#4
That was an idea I wanted to explore in a while, but it seems you did it first, congrats!
Now I wonder if you can max them out via hex editing too... (afaik they don't level up further and the game doesn't allow you to use Unearthly Buns on them)
Also, what happens if you bring them to a encounter with a cutscene that involves a certain character without said character? (Magnolia and Diamante for example)

Also, Agnes/Braev/Alternis are impossible because they are not actually party members, but cutscene NPCs.
I say this because when I forced the first encounter with Kaiser Oblivion as a Ba'al the other party members were ontop of them.
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agn34 6 months ago#5
I went even further and used cheat engine to force them to use special moves/send summon. Neither of the animations work properly (they don't move at all) but you still get the effect from the special. It doesn't change the music so I think it just lasts forever.
Entering the abilink menu with either of them in your party just crashes the game.

I've also started digging into the rom. 2.6 GB is massive, but since the game doesn't load everything at once there are some strategies to find specific things. By replacing large (1000000 in hex) chunks of bytes with 11's and then running the game, you can narrow in on what you're looking for by testing if the game crashes when you do something. The first major discovery: Agnes' model data seems to start at 1947CE80.
I think that's the value of an offset for skeleton data, since changing it to anything else just makes her T-pose, even in the event viewer. It also stops the text bubble from appearing when you open the menu, so it definitely breaks the script where she starts praying. Pressing L and then going back will make the bubble appear normally.
At 1947CE86, you should see 80 3F. This is the height modifier. 4 bytes later is the width modifier, and I think then it's the depth modifier, but it's acting kind of weird. I think it has something to do with the code that makes her look at the camera to interact with the touch screen. After that, I don't know. There are some more 80 3F values that don't seem to do anything, and below all that I think is mesh/material/texture data.
I could use some help with extracting this stuff, if anyone here is more savvy with 3d modeling, I'm pretty sure this game was made in unity if that helps.
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