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  3. Did I just miss getting a job completely?

User Info: Blade24070

2 months ago#1
I’m in chapter 5 and accidentally chose to fight Einheria again despite getting the Valkyrie job earlier. I should’ve restarted but I went ahead and fought the boss... now I don’t see any sidequest prompt so did I completely miss the chance to get the other job?

User Info: BraveDimension

2 months ago#2
I'm sorry to have to say this but... yes. Not permanently, you'll have to do New Game+ in order to get it again if you continue. Bummer... sorry about that.
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User Info: Fiop

2 months ago#3
If it makes you feel any better, I barely used Monk, the job you missed, the whole game.
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User Info: misedejem

2 months ago#5
Bravely Second’s NG+ let’s you jump to any chapter you want when you restart too, so you can easily go to Chapter 3/5 again and get monk once you beat the game. This isn’t a game you can 100% in the first playthrough anyway because of the multiple variants of certain scenes, so if you did want to see everything you have to do NG+. You just won’t be able to use that job if you didn’t plan to do another playthrough.
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User Info: RocketZXblue

2 months ago#6
you can re-get side quests from chapter 5

i highly advise getting the "visit all locations" achievement done before newgame plus or chapter selecting
i made some posts on this, with lists and all
the list of places visited resets on chapter select and new game plus,
skyhold has to be revisited, which is NOT available after chapter 5
at minimum you'd have to replay chapter 5 till the end of the game again
i made a thread of this here for complete info: (NOTE: spoilers of areas through end game)
manifest destiny title thread:
don't forget the the 4 crystal altars (as in the room that shows the crystal not just the room before it)
my own notes thread for getting 100% titles:

a lot of that might seem a bit OCD but if it helps, it helps.
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  3. Did I just miss getting a job completely?
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