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2 months ago#1
I posted (most of) my fanmade jobs the other day, and I wanted to share the vague plot outline! I'm boiling it down and trying not to give everything away. AMA :)
Asterisks exist because of people's unique lifeforce, called Quiddity, and everyone has it in tiny doses. Some have more and an asterisk is formed; a manifestation of their heart and power. However, excessive amounts of Quid can lead to Madness, causing violence and insanity (this plays a huge role in the game). Our story follows our heroes around the world as they encounter monsters, magic and Madness while seeking out a force that could ruin life as we know it.

Prologue Jobs
Freelancer, Empath, Traveler.

Chapter One Jobs
Chemist (optional), Meteorologist, Bodyguard, Director

Around the middle of the game you get the Drag Queen asterisk, which lets you equip 3 jobs at once. Third game, thee jobs?
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