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  3. what do you think of Yew?

User Info: kanyeezy

2 years ago#1
I think he's a great character, but i've seen hate for him on this board.

User Info: Juliansgirl

2 years ago#2
He is strong, passionate and caring. He one of my favorite mc.

User Info: Equinox_Oscuras

2 years ago#3
When I started the game, I admit he irked me. His shouting and all the "For the gravy!" got on my nerves. Now that I'm farther in though...he's rather grown on me.
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User Info: InfamousTouya

2 years ago#4
Yew is a great character, and what makes his character great is that he's the little brother you would love to have. Smart, strong, pretends to act tough when he's actually a coward baby, and is a nerd as well as having lots of role models that inspires him. I think the most complaints are the forced and rushed romance between him and Magnolia. That, or the 'gravy' jokes.
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User Info: Magnolia_Arch

2 years ago#5
I like him. He's adorable.
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User Info: Ownagepuffs

2 years ago#6
Amazing protagonist. Dorky, flawed, and likeable. Has a very well developed character arc in learning his family's history.

Just a damn good character.
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User Info: Valkyriah

2 years ago#7
I like how he has a huge U on his hat when he's a Hawkeye

User Info: kanyeezy

2 years ago#8
Nice to see some love

User Info: Jonexe

2 years ago#9
I like him, but the dialogue overplays certain things too much, like coup de gravy. It was snicker worthy the first four or five times; but after hearing it like 100 times it started to get annoying. I felt that he made some good character growth while staying true to who he was though, which is rare in a JRPG.
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User Info: Serenitys_Cat

2 years ago#10
I liked him a lot :)
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