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User Info: moonlithunter

1 month ago#1
Trying to get this damned star egg to hatch, and I've already waited roughly a week, getting a mature stem here, an shell there

Now I've burned through about 20 warp cells ( and counting ) to get to some world the now talking cracked egg wants to go to next.
Ive spent the past half hour in hyperspace and now I'm going to have to farm to make more warp cells...

My fun is turning into frustration at this point...if this damned egg isn't about to morph into a ship, I'm shelving this title for a bit.
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User Info: Monferno_AQW

1 month ago#2
Unless they fixed it, you should be able to disconnect from the internet and set the clock a day or two ahead and skip the waiting segments. That's one thing that should help.
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User Info: Shadowbird_RH

1 month ago#3
There should be an icon marking the specific system you're suppose to get to. Warping around looking for systems that match the description is neither expected nor effective.
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User Info: omescythe

1 month ago#4
sounds like your at the part where you have to find a portal and enter the symbols that the egg is telling you. you should a guide to figure out what word means what symbol. your almost finished. one you go through the portal you got to do 3 find the areas to find dead player objects in extreme storm conditions. then you go to one more planet to get your ship. so your close. once you have your living ship the fuel cost of warping is significantly easyer to get.

User Info: moonlithunter

1 month ago#5
Thanks all.

Shortly after posting this I broke my own gaming rule and looked up a guide for this particular quest, which is when I learned exactly what "Unconventional travel" meant.
One portal later and I'm having a blast narrowing down a precise set of cooridnates on a planet, and more than once!

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User Info: nnulda

1 month ago#6

And the even better news

Consecutive Living ships only require you to buy an Egg from the Nexus, leave the Nexus, warp to a new system and pulse.
The mother ship will appear and give you some message about being confused that you have another egg and beam you the coordinates.
All you have to do is fly to the marker and retrieve or reject the ship.........no growing etc ....its just a host waiting for a master.

If you dont find the ship style, colour etc, reject it and you get your egg back and you can return to space and pulse again, try another crash site. If nothing seems to attract you, warp to another system or go to another Galaxy assuming you have a left Euclid and got a few others and try again........I recently spent 6 hours finding my last one....Black full armour egghead, with Gold lights and triple thrusters

Also, farming upgrades is very easy, find a system that gives a Melody egg fairly quickly, collect egg.
Then either land on a planet or call the Nexus ......land , exit, Auto save.......reload game ...fly into space and pulse......collect upgrade , rinse and repeat .

I have a sytem saved with a base that gives 2 eggs per reload.....and I have 20 of each in storage at my main base ...takes not much time to do this and just keep topping up my storage just in case

We all play differently and have different needs .
But my setup is
Organ Chamber
P = Parent Organ....... S = S class............A,B,C can all be evolved to S
Singularity Cortex 1xP 3XS
Pulsing Heart 1xP 3xS
Spewing Vents 1xP 3xS
Grafted Eyes 1xP 3xS
All the above in a block of 4 for maximum potential
Neural Assembly 1xP 1xS
Scream Suppressor 1xP 2xS or 1xP 1xS and Straship Trail

Storage Sacs
Singularity Cortex, Pulsing Heart, Spewing Vents & Grafted Eyes - 3xS and Starship Trail
You could add more scream suppressors , but you really don't need any other Neural assembly
You will see the hyperdrive range and manoeuvrability increase but not the weapons damage.....however the overheat takes longer and makes these things very capable fighters

Reddit has a great community for No Mans Sky, and its easy to find links to systems that give upgrades etc
I think I have a few links somewhere if you want to farm quickly , as long as you are in or have access to the systems I have links for

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User Info: cougre

1 month ago#7
There is one thing that you didn't mention that was really tough for me as a longtime player. That is deciding on which of my beloved six starships to sacrifice to make room in the roster for a living ship. Each one of mine were hand picked through hours of farming, then slowly upgraded to S-class with max slots and S-class gear. <sniff>

It took me a while but I gave up my shuttle-class ship. It was the one I used the least. I can't imagine going through that again just to have two living ships. For me that's just crazy talk... but that's a lot of good information. Thanks for sharing!
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