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User Info: DexterDewhurst

3 weeks ago#11
Just started this. I actually prefer it to Elite Dangerous, which is mad complicated, not as colourful and doesn't let you do anywhere near as much (though it does have better graphics).

Almost everything you need you can buy... and in order to avoid farming on the planet just shoot up the nearest asteroid field in your ship... I got millions in gold and silver MILLIONS lol I had to forcibly tear myself away from blowing up asteroids because I doubt I would ever have stopped hoovering up all those nuggets!

It's vastly improved since it's train wreck of a launch, which isn't hard. It still has plenty of faults, but for a wander about resource management exploration game it's good fun. 6.5 /10

User Info: Maverick__1

2 weeks ago#12
Still playing on Creative, and it's pretty cool, but I'm noticing that even the storylines are pretty repetitive. For example, I am doing the stuff with Null now, and also Nada and the folks on the anomaly, and most of it is:

find a holocomm, contact so and so, go do trivial task, contact so and so, go do trivial task, contact so and so...

I am interested in the story unfolding, but it just seems like I'm doing the same thing over and over. Another thing is, there are space stations all over, but they're all the same. Everything is in the same spot, same vendors, etc.

All that aside, I am getting a Matrix-type vibe from this game. They talk about sentinels, programs, simulations, creators, etc. It's a cool game, but I just wish the missions and storyline was a bit more interesting.

User Info: jlaw12204

2 weeks ago#13
Maverick__1 posted...
It's a neat game so far. I especially like cruising around in my starship. I've only got maybe 3 hours in so far, and I'm liking it, but it's a bit heavy on the farming and crafting. I kind of wish there was less of that and more actual gameplay. If this keeps up, I can see it getting really repetitive. Is this a game that can be beaten, or does it just go on forever?

After a certain point the need to farm drops, Especially if you set up resource mines. Mine fill up daily but I never have the need to go to them.

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