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  3. Do you want sean murray get jailed?

User Info: Jimgaffin

4 years ago#1
Be honest - Results (1139 votes)
21.95% (250 votes)
64.53% (735 votes)
Yes, but let him continue his work on NMS in his cell
13.52% (154 votes)
This poll is now closed.

Honestly, i can see it happening.

User Info: RatlankAA3

4 years ago#2
How would he ever end up in jail? The police would turn up at his house to arrest him, but the police and Murray wouldn't be able to see each other.
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User Info: GlitchSlayer01

4 years ago#3
So let's say he did get jailed. Now Sean Murray is an Australian.
For a crime like this the AU government would have him extradited back to Oz to serve his time. Now, because Australia has a far more serious crimes to deal with like Murderers and serial killers, he will be put on parole and never see a jail cell.
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User Info: konokonohamaru

4 years ago#4
You can't be sent to jail for lying.

See: hillary Clinton

User Info: SterlingFox

4 years ago#5
No. Why would anyone want that?
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User Info: BiggieY2Killer

4 years ago#6
Can we be cellies?
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User Info: ozonegames

4 years ago#7
No one should want that. Just admit or correct the lies. If he doesn't, not sure how this isn't a new age ponzi scheme. Fake everything and get the money. Sean Madoff Murray

User Info: Fummeltime

4 years ago#8
Oh god, I hate you haters. The good thing is, once all this is over, you are still going to wake up and be your miserable selves.
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User Info: 7101334

4 years ago#9
ASA doesn't even have the authority to pursue a criminal investigation on their own, let alone arrest anyone. They're just the first stage. They have to pass the case on to "the big boys" if HG doesn't comply with their request for more honest advertising or a defense of their current advertising.
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