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User Info: ForlornWanderer

2 years ago#1
As we've all come to know, linking upgrades together causes them to become highlighted and confer an extra bonus. Well it bothered me that I didn't know how this works, so I did some testing. And these are the results.

First off all each upgrade work like this. L
+1 upgrade -> 25% increase
+2 upgrade -> 50% increase
+3 upgrade -> 75% increase

If you have multiple upgrades they are multiplicative.

1 upgrade
Base * 1.25 = total

1 & 2 upgrade
Base * 1.25 * 1.5 = total

1 & 2 & 3 upgrade
Base * 1.25 * 1.5 * 1.75 = total

And when you link upgrades together they get a bonus for touching another upgrade of the same color (doesn't have to be identical type just same color), per connection. Meaning if you have two things touching the same upgrade, that upgrade gets this bonus again. I've been trying to figure out the exact bonus percentage, but there is some minor variation however you look at it. But it's close to 3.5% (multiplicative) with rounding, this will get you within plus or minus 1. If I had my computer I could probably figure it out but I left it at work and so have been doing this by hand. And honestly 3.5% gets close enough. And the important part is knowing how you have to order the your upgrades.

Here is some raw data. Using boltcaster clip upgrades. Sorry, this is going to look messy since I'm on my phone.

Connections 0. 1. 2. 3. 4.
+1 upgrade. 60. 62. 64. 67. 69.
+2 upgrade. 72. 74. 77. 80. 83
+3 upgrade. 84 87 90 94 97

What this means is that in order for an upgrade to get its maximum potential it needs to be in the shape of a cross. The upgrade in the middle with its four sides touching a similarly colored upgrade. This means if you're linking together purely in a line. Your mission some of your bonus potential.

So let's say you have 4 upgrades in a line. The first upgrade gets a 1 connection bonus. The two middle upgrades both get 2 connection bonuses. The last upgrade gets 1 connection bonus.

But instead let's say you put your 4 upgrades in a square. Then they all get 2 connection bonuses.

Essentially what does this mean? Well it means you should surround your most important upgrades with minor upgrades.

The 4 connection bonus on the +3 clip amounts to a total of 13 additional rounds. While the 4 connection bonus on the +1 clip only amounts to 9 additional rounds. So to get the maximum possible upgrades. You'll want to have your highest level upgrades surrounded by lower level upgrades. And you'll want to build squares instead of lines of upgrades.

Anyways, that's all I have for now. If I have time during work tomorrow I may tease out the actual formula for bonuses. But not likely. I feel like this is enough information for people to make informed decisions on upgrade design.

Edit. PS. This means your exo suit upgrades should be ordered 132 or 231 and not 123 or 321.

User Info: ForlornWanderer

2 years ago#2
Bump for knowledge.

I worked hard on this. So hopefully a couple people get to see it before it disappears into the second and third page lol.

User Info: n30neuromancer

2 years ago#3
Great info, was wondering about this.

User Info: ForlornWanderer

2 years ago#4
Bump. I shouldn't have put the word math in the title lol.

User Info: FunnyBusiness

2 years ago#5
Great find!
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User Info: StoneRevolver

2 years ago#6
Tagged for later.
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User Info: lon3wanderer

2 years ago#7
can you post a pic of your upgrades

User Info: IMRavnos

2 years ago#8
Moderators this needs a sticky

User Info: ForlornWanderer

2 years ago#9
lon3wanderer posted...
can you post a pic of your upgrades

I haven't finished switching them around. But basically my bolt caster is a 3x3 9 blocks square in the right side. My mining laser is the 9 on the left. 4 in the middle are the plasma launcher. And another two in the middle are the scanner and analyzer. The middle of my 9 squares on the right is damage +4. The middle block on my laser has impact +4. The sides of the block (which get 3 connections each) are various +3 things. The corners are plus two. This maximized your upgrade bonuses.

User Info: IMRavnos

2 years ago#10
TC. Have you tested hyper drive bonuses? As in stats for Sigma, Tau and Theta?
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