Was it a mistake to incorporate the Sentinels in the game?

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  3. Was it a mistake to incorporate the Sentinels in the game?

User Info: Kino

1 year ago#11
OccultTech posted...
They are a main part of the lore

They can shove anything into the game and call it "part of the lore". Doesn't mean anything.

User Info: Klop_Job

1 year ago#12
Before release: "There's no combat, walking simulator!"

After release: "There's too much combat!"

I never wanted combat actually, although space combat was shown in the very first announcement trailer so i'm not sure who you're supposed to be quoting.

User Info: Still__Rippin

1 year ago#13
God I can't imagine how boring it would be without them. I would like them to be more aggressive with more variations. I only have an 18 slot multi tool but I melt all the sentinels without even trying. I just stand there and take their damage and destroy them all before I lose even half my shield then they just quit. If you are having problems with sentinels try moving on from the first few systems and get some upgrades. Once you have decent upgrades they become an absolute joke.
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User Info: Lp Made Skater

Lp Made Skater
1 year ago#14
TBH it gives me something to shoot and i love them for that.. BUT the ships in space that fight you.. THERE a pain, hate them. Its always when im trying to fly to a world they bug me.. The Sentinels rarely bug you at all.. You choice to fight them but the space fight that happen everytime i go to a new world are bad..
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User Info: Immortal_Azrael

1 year ago#15
Type5sketch posted...
To give the game a threat I guess, it'd be pretty boring if every thing was "super friendly" sentinels are only a problem if you're farming for orbs so I don't see the issue with them.

They could have just made more of the wildlife dangerous. I find it a little unrealistic how there are so many creatures that look like deadly predators but are actually harmless herbivores.
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User Info: GamingLoser

1 year ago#16
It would've been nice to find a planet that was truly undiscovered and having sentinals on every one kind of ruins that for me.
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User Info: OccultTech

1 year ago#17
Sentinels aren't on every planet, just most

Seen a few ... maybe 2 or 3 ... with zero sentinel presence
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User Info: Artemicion82

1 year ago#18
I don't know what the lore is, and assume that the sentinels are some kind of planet preservation guards, if that's the case I feel like we should be able to buy or access a mining license or something.

User Info: abtoklas13

1 year ago#19
Absolutely love it when the little buggers roam into my line of fire as I'm mining a large node, time to learn about natural selection you little piece of....

User Info: Chargrilled

1 year ago#20
Theyre an annoyance, and theyre seemingly everywhere
Havent seen a planet without at least the little drones flying around

Id have prefered less
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  3. Was it a mistake to incorporate the Sentinels in the game?

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