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User Info: Xcavvv

2 years ago#1
This game has been out 6 hours and ive already hard crashed 3 times. That is unacceptable considering my other friends havent even crashed once. Anyone else experiencing this bs?

Side note: how do i go about contacting sony to get a refund?
Psn: Xcavvv_
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User Info: takecare

2 years ago#2
What are you doing when it crashes? Been playing for almost two hours and no problems so far.

User Info: jsmarturana

2 years ago#3
No problems crashing. Happened twice when I was just loading the game at midnight. I am having major issues connecting online with the servers though. They have been on and off ( mostly off ) for hours.
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User Info: threedown

2 years ago#4
Yeah I had it crash twice while loading into the game, and 3 crashes while playing. Sadly I'm used to it from playing kerbal space program and 7 days to die. Those games crash alot too on my system.

Theyre games I really enjoy as is this one, so I have to just deal with it.

User Info: theos91

2 years ago#5
Yea it hasn't crashed for me YET but my friend said his crashed like 5 times already.
PSN: Theos91
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User Info: Amarant

2 years ago#6
Crashed once. Playing since release nonstop. Lets see how it progresses
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User Info: Chargrilled

2 years ago#7
Ffs the only thing in the notes that related to crashing was about prereleae versions crashi g during warp because of an exploit.

It now appears that the original leaker whos game crashed 20times in short order was not lying after all, and not all of his crashes were because of an exploit either.

I can deal with most bugs. But crashing and/or any subsequent save corrution (which apparently is happening) turn me right off.
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User Info: Zoomer30

2 years ago#8
No crashes but I will beware since KSC is a turd on my PS4 and eats save files like candy.
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User Info: JerryJones

2 years ago#9
I crashed twice. I was using the warp drive both times
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User Info: brainchaild212

2 years ago#10
2 crashes for me, both hard btw, froze my system up for 25 sec couldn't even use the home button, than error report screen. Patches will come but that hard crash is concerning
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