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  3. I HATE how this auto saves ALL THE TIME

User Info: ChefBoyoDee

1 year ago#1
This is such a weird thing to complain about, and I get that completely. I'm playing the game want to get 100% so I'm using Krystal109's guide. The amount of times I have made a careless mistake by advancing the plot too early while searching for a collectible or something is staggering.

Oh no worries I'll just reload. WRONG. More often than not I am locked out of whatever the hell I was trying to do until I can find a day camp to fast travel.

This is also annoying when I want to say, reload a fight because one or two enemies fell off a high cliff and now I can't salvage them. Can't go back, if you reload it's only ever after.

So annoying. Auto saving is helpful in most instances but for this game in particular it's really gotten my nerves because of how it just keeps locking you out of things. I should be able to save on my own.
(edited 1 year ago)

User Info: BUMPED2002

1 year ago#2
I hate games that auto-save period. I'd rather choose when I want to save my progress.

User Info: Vincent7th

8 months ago#3
Totally feel you OP. I’m revisiting the game after playing around with Shadow now that it’s a + title. It was actually jarring to go back to a heavy handed auto-save system after Shadow’s hardest mode’s campfire only save system.

I wanted to reload a fight for the same reason, to salvage some bodies I couldn’t get to. Not only did it reload the auto- save point, but all of the dead enemies that I hadn’t looted yet disappeared. I missed tons of salvage.
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  2. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
  3. I HATE how this auto saves ALL THE TIME
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