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User Info: afelhofer

2 years ago#1
I have a few trophies in MP that I need to get and would need help. Mostly for the one to get wins in ranked mode. I need to get a win in F4A and C4H. Nobody plays these anymore, and when they do they get a win and leave, ugh. Any help would be appreciated.

User Info: afelhofer

2 years ago#2
Now I only need to get a win in Free for All Ranked. Any help would be appreciated?

User Info: LuisMnkyKng

1 year ago#3
Hi, I'll help you if you help me! I'm trying to get the MP trophies as well.
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User Info: platypus6c

1 year ago#4
Is this cross play with xbox?

User Info: Tiael

1 year ago#5
If anyone is still helping with MP/boosting I just recently started the game up after buying it last week.
Still on the single player campaign but want to dive into the MP for the trophies.
PM me or let me know here, thanks!
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User Info: Spuma

11 months ago#6
Maybe this is late but if anybody's still interested in boosting online stuff I just started the game yesterday
PSN ID: Dave_Cozmo
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