Autosave rollback?

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User Info: Leo__87

1 year ago#1
I bought both this and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Wanted to finish this one first, and so far I'm loving the game. Must say that there are a couple of bugs, I even suffered some freezing afther jumping into the helicopter (a common issue, I see) and right after booting the game.
But I've had the weirdest glitch. While going back to the monastery, i quitted the game at 92% because I had to leave. Today I got back and saw that the save was at 88%, and I was back in the bunker with just some things grabbed. Not only I completed that level the day before (at 100%) but also I reached max lvl on all the weapons there as well, so I definetely used the camp (and the "hard save" while doing so). Still, the game did that rollback of sorts, like if I have not played the day before. Luckily, the level is fairy short and I completed it again in 15 minutes or so

Anyone experienced something like that? It was very weird, how the game cannot register a hard save?
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User Info: vivalatour

1 year ago#2
kind of similar , it showed me completing "Banner Wars" and the icon is still glowing plus a couple other
icons that faded and came back ... I am starting now just not to care anymore , jumping from camp to camp and climbing over the same ole' same ole' isn't as fun as it was ..

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