Why do people always have to ruin multiplayer in games?

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  3. Why do people always have to ruin multiplayer in games?

User Info: digUbetterdead

1 year ago#1
Soo I decided to check out this game's online again while I wait around for Rise to come out. I don't remember it being so f***ing toxic 3 years ago. Pretty much nothing but spawn camping, jumping around, and spamming almost unavoidable OHK grenade launchers. People ruin everything, I swear. It's not even that great a game in the first place. Like why do the CoD scrubs have to come bring their s*** to the obscure games?

This really bothers me because it's such a shame; this game had some potential if people weren't such tryhards. I understand the objective is to not get shot but I cannot bring myself to jump up and down in circles with the opposing team until one of us gets a lucky melee hit in. That is so ridiculous and not fun in the slightest.
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User Info: Incertarum

1 year ago#2
Your post just highlights the reasons why I never play multiplayer online. Too many morons and idiots out there. Once I complete the offline trophies I grant myself an honorary Platinum. Trophies don't really bother me because I never have them accessible to anyone online; as long as I know I've done it that's all that matters to me.

I've only ever played online once and that was White Knight Chronicles (twice really as I played WKC2 as well). I was fortunate to know a few people on that game who were sensible and quite skilled so completing quests with them was enjoyable. Unfortunately there were times when I was the only one of the group online and so I had to play with randoms, and the stupidity level amongst them was very high. I played a class where I was capable of surviving alone if necessary and if I played with someone who ignored the advice given on the quest and got killed through their own stupidity, I would just leave them on the floor and complete the quest alone. I went over to the Japanese server and I have to say that when it comes to cooperation they are far, far better players than the western idiots. Each understood the class they were playing and acted accordingly during the quest, something the western players were mostly incapable of doing.

That experience with WKC and WKC2 was enough to put me off playing co-op games for life. There will always be idiots out there and you can't avoid them. All they're interested in is making themselves look good and they have no interest in what the rest are wanting out of the game. If you insist on getting online trophies then you're either going to have to find a group of people who want the same thing as you or put up with the idiots and morons. Good luck with the latter.
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User Info: Shy_Guy_Sempai

1 year ago#3
Well, I don't know if it's just me since I've been trying to play for the online trophies recently, but I hate how dishonorable people are. It's been hard enough finding people to even attempt the ranked games, but to have people constantly rage quitting or trolling is ridiculous. I've even had betrayals from people who offered to help.I found one person who was legit, but sadly gets on late due to time zone issues. I'd like to find a few more sincere people to play with.
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User Info: ezio899

1 year ago#4
We only had 2 ppl per team and they got 1 kill ahead then camped in corners until timer ran out so they can win. Boring and annoying as hell. That and this game is VERY unforgiving for new players anyways. I always lose to 60's because their gear is VASTLY better then mine.
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  3. Why do people always have to ruin multiplayer in games?

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