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User Info: barouqGB

7 years ago#1
So since the update that allegedly "Exterminated the Daily Login Reward bugs" (which I assumed meant i wasn't going to have to manually logout and log back in to receive the daily reward) I have been completely unable to get the daily bonus. Apparently being able to get them at all was a bug for me lol.

Its just a few coins and recharge tokens, but hey they were free. Anyone else not been able to get them?

User Info: cridarko

7 years ago#2
I get the dailies by manually logging in and out, but not thr online mp dailies haven't seen them for weeks now

User Info: N1psey

7 years ago#3
huh. I used to have to log out and back in to get them, but I'm getting them daily now too. Provided I'm connected.

User Info: jev3gs

7 years ago#4
I don't get the dailys either. I might have to log in and out to try, but the last time I logged out I was locked out for 2 days so I am not going to do that again. Yes that bug is still there.

User Info: nickg9999

7 years ago#5
This was an issue for me until the last update but everything has been fine since. I am using Kindle.

User Info: Kirksland

7 years ago#6
I still have to log out and then back in again. It's annoying but not a big deal


User Info: barouqGB

7 years ago#7
Kirksland posted...
I still have to log out and then back in again. It's annoying but not a big deal


Yeah, i'd love to go back to that. Annoying, but way better than nothing. Oh well.
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