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User Info: DMRhythm

5 years ago#1
I am just kind of confused as to what all the weapon challenges do exactly to my weapons. I have been completing as many as them as possibly but foolishly skipped through the tutorial in the beginning of the game when they were explaining the system. So after completing these challenges, our weapons just get upgraded automatically and upon completion of all 10 challenges per weapon we get a new skill? Is there a way to check the upgrades? And is this all we can do to upgrade our weapons aside from the runes? I read someone that your weapons get forged or something but I dont really understand that either

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

User Info: Joggy140

5 years ago#2
They get reformed but it doesn't do anything. There's no notice in the stats and no new abilities

I'll have to double check on my next playthrough if the appearance changes.

Really missed opportunity imho.
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User Info: callmediego

5 years ago#3
You get a currency that you use to buy upgrades. Like extra rune spots. For some amount each weapon has a special skill.

User Info: DMRhythm

5 years ago#4
Thanks guys! I wasnt able to actually notice any changes to the stats so I thought I was maybe missing something.

User Info: PhoenixAssassin

5 years ago#5
i could swear when i upgraded my sword it was getting decaps a lot more often.

i actually noticed that my kill animations seemed much tamer then the live streams and I was wonderign what was up with that. then when my sword got the half way upgrade I immiadately noticed a difference.
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User Info: The_High

5 years ago#6
You get new execution animations, new skins on the weapon, and you can break through shields with fewer hits with the sword. Also a slight damage boost
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User Info: Tmoney222

5 years ago#7
Their appearance does indeed change. The dagger actually becomes a complete dagger instead of a broken blade, the sword gets more etchings/carvings on it, and the bow also gets visually upgraded. Other than the visual change, nothing is else is changed. No stat improvements or anything like that.
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